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Many of you won’t agree with the title or may be angry reading this but believe me guys even I m not happy by giving such title to my blog but the current scenario made me do so!
                Firstly, let me thank to all the leaders of our country because of whom we are able to celebrate Independence Day. Secondly, let me thank to all those people whom I know personally who are working for a cause.
1.       Ved Thapar- An actor by profession but a socialite by heart. An inspiration of many, father of all the youths. He is a founder of Hum Awaaz Organization working for the empowerment of women. He not only gives military training to girls but also visit various schools and colleges to talk about various social issues. He not only removes rally but he takes proper action against wrong thing. Sir, You are my inspiration!
2.       I Can Save Life- An organization that works on the donation of Blood. Whenever any person, requires blood in any part of India these guyz help them out. Hatsoff to your team members.
3.       Dolesh Agarwal- I have no words to describe about you. Youth India an organization started by him that educates under priviledged, slum children. 100 times salute for your work!
People like you have proved that if there is Ravan then Ram too exist. J
Now coming to the point, the reason why I titled my blog as ‘Unhappy Independence Day’. It was around 4.00 am I woke up and checked my cell, I had received around 50 message wishing me Happy Independence Day. I was happy to see those messages atleast people have not forgotten this day. I went to facebook and checked my wall. Every single person had updated their status wishing Independence Day. Many were proud of being a part of the country and many were not, well I knew their reason very well of not being proud. So what I did was I selected 10 people who were proud to be an Indian and posted a comment on their status ‘What is so proud to be a part of this country?’ ‘What is so happy in this Independence Day?’ I know this question is quite kiddish but the motive behind asking this question was pure. I wanted to know whether these people literally mean by their words. Are they truly proud of being a part of this country? And the answer that I got made me sad,90 % had just updated their status for name sake. One of the lady liked my comment but didn’t answer. And one said it’s a tag ‘Happy Independence Day’ and seven didn’t answer my question till yet. It made me unhappy that these people are just updating status for name sake. It hurted me! There was one guy who really meant by his word that he is proud of his country. His anger in his reply proved that. Suraj, I respect your feeling towards India but to be honest I am not satisfied by your answer. Akshay Kumar’s dailouge in Namastey London, National Anthem in Kashmir video was awesome but it isn’t a strong reason to be proud. I have numerous reasons that can prove that I am proud of my Nation, but seriously I am among those who are not at all happy on this Independence Day.
                                Let’s do one simple task, ask yourself are we really Independent? Majority or almost all will say a big NO. To those who say YES please tell me how? We don’t have freedom of speech, we can’t talk against the ministers and if we do so we are arrested. Poverty is seen on every road we walk! Right to Education has not been implemented at various places. Our ministers instead of developing India are fighting for the elections. They simply want to rule on us. They are not bothered for the citizens of the country but to earn money, to become rich. Girls can’t walk safely on road! Still you say we the citizens of India excluding the politicians are independent? I am sure our leaders never dreamt of this India! Independence means freedom but that is what we citizens are lacking. We succeeded in getting independence from Britisher but failed from our own country’s people. Sad but True!
                                We citizen should become like Bhagat Singh, Lal Bahadur Shashtri and other leaders who fighted for their country’s people. I too feel shame; I curse myself of not being able to do anything for my country. Today on this 67thIndependence Day I Rekha Mishra an Indian takes a pledge that unless I do something for my motherland I won’t celebrate Independence Day. I think you all people should also take a pledge! Let us be the change. Let us first change our self. Let us contribute in small tasks that can be helpful for a cause… Last but not the least, Remember, ‘Let’s not waste the sacrifice of our leaders!’.

                                                                                                                                                                                                JAI HIND!



Rekha Mishra

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