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Realizing it was a sexual harassment, I felt like telling my mom…

I was small,
when i didn’t know to differentiate between right and wrong.
Watching him after ten years,
reminds me of my past.
It was an afternoon time,
he locked my room and
closed the curtain.
He slept beside me,
and asked me to play a game with him.
All we had to do was sleep on each other
and see who can bear each others weight for a longer time.
Unaware of his intentions,
being one of my favorite
and in deep sleep,
I agreed to play with him.
He slept on me,
moved his body up and down,
touched my private parts.
When i got promoted in eight standard,
my teacher taught me about good and bad touch.
Realizing it was a sexual harassment,
I felt like telling my mom.
But i kept quiet,
as years have passed.
Now, he is back again!
I don’t know what are his intentions.
He is walking towards me
as no one is present at home.
I take a knife, and put it in his stomach,
I stabbed it again and again,
remembering the pain he gave me years back.
He is dead physically,
and I am dead mentally!
I can’t call him mother fucker
as he is the son of my grand parents.
I can’t call him sister fucker,
as he is my mother’s smallest brother.



Rekha Mishra

Blogger. Dreamer. Enthusiast. Learner. I love to laugh and share the laughter with the world.

2 thoughts on “Realizing it was a sexual harassment, I felt like telling my mom…

  1. Children are so very precious.
    Indeed, child abuse is one of the big issue.
    should i give u appreciation for writing this wonderful short story or should i cry after reading this :'(
    totally speechless Rekhu 🙁 somehow i connect myself with this story.
    well i think it is not a child’s fault, therefore, if you were abused or sexual harresh do not blame your self. If you are being abused talk to a person who will understand. Unless, we do something to stop this it may not end.

    all the very best for future :* upcoming future author <3 Rekhu :* loves n hugs :* muuuaaahhhh

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