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We can get 100’s of boyfriends and girlfriends, 1000’s of friends but only one parents!

Indeed it’s a matter of shame, when someone says why should I say again and again sorry to my parents? Why should I not show them attitude when they do the same. Excuse me! Parents don’t show attitude, it’s our misunderstanding that’s it and showing attitude to the one who gave you birth is just not done!
I was having discussion with my friend why does he hate his father so much. “Because he hates me. He don’t like when people appreciate me,” was the reply I got from him. Dude! No parents are ever jealous of their child. They feel proud when their children are appreciated by others.  Our parents shout us every now and then, slap us, compare us with others because they want their children to be best than others. I understand, sometimes they over react but disrespecting them in front of others is absolutely wrong. To fulfill all our requirements they struggle day and night. They sacrifice all their comforts, to bring one cute smile on our face. Still some people don’t value them.  They expect something in return of their love and sacrifice but if we turn their expectations into disappointment, it hurts them and this leads to anger. Their anger doesn’t means they hate you.
I was the same like my friend who disrespected my parents, insulted them and back answered them in front of others because I always used to think, they don’t love me, they keep comparing me with my sister, they are partial and what not I thought about them!  But some past experience and few people realized me how cheap was my thinking. They made me understand importance of my parents. Thanks to all those special people and special thanks to experience who gave me my real asset back! ‘MY PARENTS’. It’s not that I don’t argue with them now, or they have stopped comparing me with my sister but I know deep inside my heart they love me and it’s their duty and responsibility to make me a nice person and therefore they behave with me this way. Mom, Dad I am sorry for all the wrong words, I used against you. Today whatever I am, whatever I have achieved is just because of you. You are the reason behind all the good deeds I do.  I don’t want others to think about their parents like me and therefore, I always try to talk to such people. With this blog, I hope I am able to at least make one children respect their parents.
Friends, partners can ditch you at some phase of life but parents hold your hands throughout the life. They become your strength in difficulties.  Even if you are bad, wrong, selfish and what not, your parents love never decrease for you. It remains the same forever.
We can get hundreds of boyfriends and girlfriends, thousands of friends but we can get only one parent! Value them. Someone has said true, ‘That we understand the value of a particular thing when we lose them‘ but I don’t want you people to understand the value of your parents when they go far away from you.
Well, even after reading this blog you all still don’t realize the importance then here is one thing you can do. Visit an orphanage; spend some quality time with orphans. Ask them, how they feel being an orphan. See the pain of not having parents in their eyes. Their tears will be the answer to all your questions and I am damn sure when you will be back home and watch your parents waiting for you, you will hug them with tears in your eyes realizing their value. You will thank god for giving you such a lovely parents. You will feel blessed of not being an orphan!
Here are some tips to keep your parents happy, I hope it helps you too :
1.       Say them sorry, when they shout at you even if it’s not your fault.
2.       Say ‘I LOVE YOU’ to them at least once in a day. It will be best, if you say them in morning this will make their day start with smile.
3.       Try to avoid things they dislike.
4.       When they are sad, make a handmade card. They will love your efforts just to bring one smile back on their face.
5.       Respect Respect Respect Respect Respect Respect them in front of others but with heart. No fake respect please!
Keep Smiling.

Take care!



Rekha Mishra

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