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Like It Happened Yesterday!!

                ‘Enjoy your childhood days as much as you can. These days will never come back’
Everyone has got their own childhood memories which are always special for them. These memories are always treasured throughout the life. Childhood memories are not only special but it’s also pure and innocent. Looking myself in mirror I realize how much I have changed, and so have all others. The main quality that we all have lost as we grow up is innocence.
I remember, how once my uncle had said, ‘Seva karne se Meva Milta hai’ which means if you give service to other, if you take care of others then all good thing will come to you.  I had misunderstood Meva with dry fruits (‘meva in hindi is also known as dry fruits’) and I started helping my mom by washing utensils, I used to massage my mom and dad’s head, hands and legs.
‘Mom, if you are going to give me Meva, then please give me cashew and peanuts only,’ I said my mom once while washing utensil.
‘What?’ she asked in surprise as she didn’t understand what I was trying to say.
‘Uncle said that Sewa krne se Meve milta hai and that’s why I am doing all this because I want peanuts and cashew.’
She laughed out loudly and gave a kiss on my cheeks, ‘you, don’t have to all this, I will buy cashew and peanuts for you’.
She said this incident to my dad, my neighbors. Everyone made fun of me but I was happy eating cashew and peanuts for free without offering any service.
Remember, when we were small we always wanted to become good boy and good girl. That was the only mission for us and so was I.  
You are a good girl na? Then do this, do that and to get the title of ‘Good Girl’ I always obeyed everyone’s order.
For every child, birthday is the most awaited day as it had many advantages:
i)                    To wear beautiful dress and not wear uniform in school
ii)                   You were treated as the prince and princess at home and school both.
iii)                 You get loads of gifts and chocolates.
And for these reasons I used to eagerly wait for my birthday but I also found one disadvantage when we had to distribute chocolates and return gifts to friends. At that moment, I used to hate all my friends wondering that ‘It’s my birthday why should I give them chocolates and return gift, they should return me back all my chocolates and gifts’.  But, when my other friends had their birthday I used to wish them so lovingly as if I am their best friend with greed of getting chocolates and return gifts.
Going to school was a disastrous feeling for many of them but for me it was opposite. I loved going to school but when any teacher asked me to recite a poem or a story, I used to pee in my uniform due to fear.  Haha! Not my fault, at that time I didn’t know what confidence is.  I used to love going to school not because of studies but after school hours, everyday my mom used to buy either Bhel, or Chocolates, or Chakli for me. 
Did you do something wrong in your childhood day?
I did once and the consequences faced by me for that is unforgettable. I had once steal money from my mother’s piggy bank to eat pani puri and when my dad came to know about this he beat me a lot, and that was the first day when I came to know that tears are salty as I had tasted it.
Not only this, once I and my sister went to my dad’s shop with my father’s small brother. Dad went out for some reason. I and my sister were playing near the gutter and I don’t know for what reason we landed up in a great fight and I pushed her so badly that she felled down in that gutter.
Injections frightened many children but I loved that. I always prayed to make me ill just to visit hospital and get medicines and injections. I used to pray god, that please do something to me that even I get to sit in the wheel chair.  How crazy I was! Wheel chair always used to amaze me. For me, it was a cycle with more additional features and so I always wanted the one but thank god! He didn’t listen to that prayer.
I am really missing those days, when we only did good things, when we were unaware of the word pain, when Tom and Jerry, popoye used to our favourite shows instead of roadies and all, when mom’s dad’s love was everything for us.
Want to relive your childhood days? Do read ‘Like It Happened Yesterday’ by ‘Ravinder Singh’ and I am sure this book will bring back those days of innocence. Reading this book will bring tears of joy in your eyes. Thanks Ravin Sir, for such an awesome book J



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