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Diary- My Best Friend!

You can share your joy with me,
You can cry out your pain with me,
I listen to you very carefully
And after telling me you feel peace.
I don’t reveal your secret to anyone,
I am a loyal friend!
Guess, who am I??
Any guesses?
Its me Diary!
When I was small, I used to watch in T.V girls writing a secret diary. Since then there was always an urge in me to write diary. I always requested my dad to buy me a diary. I wanted to write a diary but he never gave me as he used to think children should not hide any secret from parents.
Later when I turned quite big, I started saving my pocket money and went to purchase diary.
When I entered the shop, there were varieties of diaries. Some small, some big. Each and every diaries had a beautiful cover design. Some had pictures of emotions, nature, Indian map and so on. I selected the one with Hannah Montana image on the cover. No I was not a fan of Hannah Montana, I  never listened her songs but still it was my favorite as it had lock and key. Lock and key! Wow, no one can read your diary as no one has the key except the one whom it belongs to.
I started writing diary. I never forgot to share my each and every day’s experience. I poured out my feeling in it. My first bunk experience, my new crushes, about my favorite teachers, my best friends, my enemies, about my parents- how I felt they didn’t love me, how they used to do partiality between two kids, my sister- how she never understood me, how she used to complain dad about my mistakes. Everything!
Slowly and gradually my diary became a trustworthy friend.
My morning used to start writing in a diary how I want a particular day to be, what I wish from my life and at night I used to write about the whole day.
Sometimes when I had holiday, I used to read my diary. Sometimes it brought smile on my face reading some funny moments while sometimes it brought tears reading the harsh reality of life.
But one fine day, When I had returned from college and was about to write in my diary what all I was going through when my crush forwarded his hands for friendship, my sister’s word made me lose control on my mind
“You forgot your diary’s key today and I have read your diary. I am going to tell dad what you feel about us!”
How could she? How could she read someone’s  personal diary. Don’t  she understand English? I had clearly mention ‘It’s my request do not read my diary’ but still she read.
Anger aroused in me and I teared my diary into pieces. ‘How can someone read anyone’s personal diary’ I killed my diary. I was the murderer. I killed my best friend.
For few days, I felt like my life had stopped without my diary. I had a great trauma as I had lost my best friend.
I could have purchased a new diary to write but as first love is always special, first child is always special, first gift is always special, first salary is always special; same way my first diary was, is and will always be special. My first diary was my heart.
After this incident, I had stopped writing diary because I had fear, if someone will read my diary I will kill it again!
Time passed and then came someone special in my life who made me to write diary for him.
I couldn’t express my feelings to him as I am bit shy person. I decided to write diary and let him know what I feel for him. I purchased a diary from archies and named it as ‘MEMORIES’ because he had given me some memories that will be cherished forever. I wrote my feelings in it and handed him on 10th January..
He felt so special after reading that diary and he understood no one loves him more than me. As love happens many time, we get many best friends in life same way i found my best friend once again in ‘MEMORIES.’
Readers, if you don’t write diary then start writing. Diaries can really become your best loyal friends.You can even gift it to someone special like I did.

Here are some pics of my ‘MEMORIES’.



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