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FALTU- Always Inspires Me!

Inspiration is something that we come across every now and then. A small child can inspire us, a great leader can inspire us, a stone that has no life can too inspire us, a thought can inspire us, a song, a poetry an article anything can inspire us..  I get inspired every time I watch something that soothes my heart.

Today as I opened my eyes and went to hall, the very first thing I did was, I switched on the television. I was changing the channel, when I came across the movie FALTU. It’s one the best movie, I have ever watched.
It’s not only a lesson for parents that ‘EDUCATION IS NOT IMPORTANT, WHAT MATTER IS KNOWLEDGE AND KNOWLEDGE COMES WITH INTEREST, but it also teaches me, you and everyone to follow your dreams. It teaches us to make your hobby, your passion – your career. Study your hobby and I am sure everyone will become successful. Well, today this movie has once again inspired me to make my hobby(my writing) my career and from today on-wards, I promise myself i will get skilled in my writing field. Instead of concentrating on BCA, i will give my 100 percent in writing.

I wish our INDIAN EDUCATION SYSTEM can too get inspired by this movie. What if our education system changes exactly like the FALTU COLLEGE?
Every student will not get bored to attend the lectures, he will give his 100% to get skilled in his hobby and each student will be called ‘best.’ No parents will think that their child is ‘NALAYAK.’
If  INDIA has to become a developing nation, it has to surely change its education system.

I recommend everyone reading this post, that if you have not watched this movie ‘FALTU’ do watch once and I request everyone reading this post, forget getting degree in your hands, get knowledge in area that interests you. No need to be a doctor, engineer, IPS if you don’t will to become, Its OK to become a freelancer, a beautician, a choreographer, a musician, etc. You will earn less that’s alright at least you will be happy and live with peace.



Rekha Mishra

Blogger. Dreamer. Enthusiast. Learner. I love to laugh and share the laughter with the world.

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