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It feels so good to see happy married couples sharing love with each other, holding hand in hand and walking on the sea-shore, sharing coconut water with two straws, feeding each other, hugging each other. But is this enough in relationship? Is relationship build only on love? Is love enough to spend entire life with each other?
Numbers of couples are getting divorced every year. When asked what happen, their answer would be – ‘Things didn’t workout between us,’ ‘He keeps fighting with me daily,’ ‘she never understands me,’ and blah blah. I really pity on those couples for their immaturity.
My friend too is going through this phase. She is almost on the verge of divorce as things are not working between them. She thinks it’s entirely his fault and he (his husband) thinks it’s entirely her fault. I tried my best to convince them, to forget the past and concentrate on their present and future but their ‘ego’ is not allowing them to do so. No relationship can stand on the basis of ‘ego’. It’s ego that kills the relation. Marriage is not about tit for tat that if he did wrong, I’ll also do wrong; if he is showing attitude, I’ll show him the same, it’s about walking hand in hand, it’s about understanding, it’s about sacrifice and it’s about compromise.
If your husband/ wife scream at you, you have to understand something is bothering him/her. So instead of reacting the same way calm them down. If she wants to watch her favorite Television show or he wants to see match, instead of behaving rude learn to sacrifice. Make your partner happy by giving him/her the remote. Learn to compromise. If a wife wants to buy a gold chain worth Rs.50, 000 and a man wants to buy a branded watch Rs. 25,000 and if their saving is only 40,000 learn to compromise by buying a watch of Rs.15, 000 and gold chain of Rs.25, 000. By doing these small things you can save your relation lifetime.
Not only marriage but any kind of relation be it a parent-child, brother-sister, friends require this basic principle that is understanding, compromise and sacrifice. It’s the foundation of any relationship.



Rekha Mishra

Blogger. Dreamer. Enthusiast. Learner. I love to laugh and share the laughter with the world.

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