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My first indiblogger meet- Play date with dove

Yesterday was one of the most memorable day of my life. Thank you Dove and Indiblogger for giving such a wonderful experience.
As it was my first indiblogger meet, since morning I was nervous and various thoughts were going on in my mind; ‘What will happen there? Will I enjoy? Whom will I talk, Will some become my friend?’
Around 11 am, I decided that I will sleep instead of going there but something in inside me was fotcing me to go for the event. Between Mind and Heart, Heart always wins so I got ready and left for J.W.Marriott Hotel.
Wow! Frankly speaking  I had never visited to any five star hotel before. Thank you dove and indiblogger once again. It was my dream to have lunch/ or dinner in five star hotel. Because of you my dream got fulfilled so soon.
When I entered inside my heart was pounding fast, I was biting my nails due to nervousness. I went to the corner where two ladies were chit chatting. I went there and introduced myself to them. They too introduced themselves and offered me coffee and got busy in their conversation. I was left all alone then few ladies, Anu aunty, maniparna and mayuri came and we formed a group. We introduced ourselves and went to registeration counter. There all ladies were divided into a team of ten. Lyckily my new friends, Maniparna, Mayuri and Anu aunty were in my team. Ladies started coming in. Every one wearing white. White a symbol of peace and a color of dove! Girls dressed in white looked really pretty. Some looked hot, some charming, some beautiful, some elegant, some sexy, some hot. Adjectives will fall short if i start describing ladies in white! We got registered and went to yamuna- ganga room where program was supposed  to start.
Program started with the intoduction by one of the member of indiblogger. Maniparna won a hamper as she travelled from Kolkata. Since, I had joined indiblogger two weeks ago, I was told to say something. I took the mic and told them how i was nervous before attending this event and how this event was supercool and beyond my expectation. Then the anchor of the evening took over the mic and the real fun started. All girls were told to stand according to their team. Five members were told to form outer circle and five members to form inner circle. Music was played, we had to move around, one circle clock wise and other anti clock wise. When the music stopped, whoever was standing in front of us, we had to introduce ourselves to each other. In next round whoever were standing opposite to each other had to write one adjective describing your partner. My partner described me as ‘Charming’ :). In third round whoever were facing each other had to make their faces same way the smiley was on the card. Then we had zumba dance. Zumba dance was outstanding. I had danced so much for the first time. Whole crowd had enjoyed it alot. After this there were various activities like hips dont lie in which we had to play with ring, play with the ball, hairstyle and puzzle mania. Our team stood first only in hairstyle. Later, we had the most awaited event by all girls- style your hair. Hair stylers were there for us to style our hair. I took a layer cut with long curls. We got a dove gift hamper which included shampoo, conditioner, hair straightener and a hair clip with dove symbol.
After this we went near pool to play one more activity of bartender. I and Zebaish didn’t  go there as were really tired and hungry. We sat in one room and started gossiping and knowing each other. In some time we became very good friends.
Dinner was served to us at 8.45 pm.
I and Zebaish left for home as we were getting late. But program was still going on. I had missed award ceremony and hitting the dance floor.
Dove and Indiblogger you guys rock. Thank you for treating each lady like a princess.
I had also heard from many that this was the best event.

About the product, i would recommend every readers try Dove products for once and I am sure you guys will become permanent user of it. I and my sister have been using dove soap which helps to keep my skin soft. We also using dove shampoo and conditioner it helps to keep our hair long and silky. The conditioner adds shining to our hair. My sister uses dove face wash and after using it, she looks more fair, her skin becomes soft. So friends, do use dove product once.



Rekha Mishra

Blogger. Dreamer. Enthusiast. Learner. I love to laugh and share the laughter with the world.

10 thoughts on “My first indiblogger meet- Play date with dove

  1. Such a succinct description! I missed meeting you there but had awesome fun at the meet nevertheless! Hope to catch you soon in some other IndiBlogger event šŸ™‚

  2. Yay ..Rekha..Loved this post of yours..loved every moment we spent together. It seemed that we knew each other for long..the greatest gift is to make friendship with all you guys….hope to meet you again soon. Thanks to Indiblogger and Dove for arranging this ‘ WOW ” event šŸ˜€

  3. Oh wow… this looks like a supercool blogger meet…I have attended many Indi meets in Delhi but none got us doing Zumba…
    Loved reading your post… it helped me enjoy the moments of fun..

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