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No place is as beautiful as home..

“You never know the value of what you have till you lose it.”
After a long ten days, I am back to my home. The smile is back on my face. When I took my first step while entering, I felt like I am entering in paradise. I felt as if the walls of my home are cuddling me in their arms. I felt like curtains are rippling, wind chimes are singing and welcoming me. I felt like my closet is asking me how am I. I felt like my cozy bed is asking did I miss it. I felt like kitchen is crying in joy as it’s cook is back. I felt like how stupid I was to leave this place.
Ten days ago, my parents informed me that they are going to village and I have to stay at sister’s place. That time I was so happy and excited to leave my house. I was so happy as I had got bore from my home.I planned activities that I will be doing at sister’s place. I was so happy that while leaving, I didn’t even say
I will miss you home.. Aah! That was so rude of me.. Days passed at sister’s place but their was a kind of disatisfaction. It not that I didn’t enjoy their, I did enjoy, I had fun with di,jiju,rupam,rohan but I was missing something very badly and that something was my darling home. Every time when I did something or sat idle, I would think if I was at my home I would have been helping mom, I would have been reading books, playing wind chimes and so on. The environment and comfortness that your home provides can never be replaced.As time passes, your home becomes your partner with whom you share happiness, laughter, joy, pain, sorrow, tears and what not! Home is the house of peace. It doesn’t matter whether you stay in bungalow or hut, whether your house is small or big; no place is as beautiful as home..
If you do feel the same, lets do one task:
In your home, stand and scream loudly: “I love you my dear home. You are my best partner.”
You will notice a big smile on your face after doing it.. Give it a try!!
“Where we love is home – home that our
feet may leave, but not our hearts”-Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr.
“Home is the place where, when you have
to go there, they have to take you in.”- Robert Frost



Rekha Mishra

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