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Ravinder Singh- My Role Model

“I am writing about #MyRoleModel as a part of the activity by Gillette India in association with” He taught me to love,
He inspired me to write,
He is an example of a genuine human being,
He is the best author in my eyes,
He is the lover of many especially Khushi.
He is the one whom I dream about..
He, He and He is the one who is always on my mind.
He is none other than Ravinder Singh- author of I too had a love story, Can Love Happen twice, Love stories that touched my heart and Like it Happened yesterday.
For many people their role model are their father, mother, teacher, brother, sister, actor, freedom fighter, and so on. Of course I would like to thank my parents for giving me birth, bearing pains for bringing me up, showering their love and care on me. I would like to thank my sister for being a great support, I would like to thank my friends for being a friend in need. I would like to thank freedom fighters for making India independent, I would like to thank few ministers like A.P.J Abdul Kalam and Atal Bihari Vajpayee for developing India. I would like to thank all actors for making me fall in love every time I watch new movie or serials. They all are better but my author is best. He is a combination of all these qualities. He loves and care for each fan like his own family member, many fans consider him as elder brother because he supports many. He is a friend of many and mine too because he always advises me. He helps India to develop by encouraging many youths to vote, to stand against wrong and he too does stand against unlawful acts and corruption. He is as smart and handsome like any actor.
‘Gurur Brahma Gurur Vishnu
Gurur Devo Maheshwara
Gurur Sakshat Parbrahma
Tasmai Shree Guruvay Namah’
I bow my heads to my Guru, my role model for inspiring me to work with him. It’s his inspiration that I am a blogger today and In-sha-allah with his blessings I may become like him.
He is my role model not because he writes best. Obviously he is an awesome writer but his qualities makes him superior.
Before meeting him personally, I just loved him for his love for his dead girlfriend Khushi and for his writing. I always had a dream to work with him. But after meeting him, I love him for his kindness toward his fan, for his politeness and for his personality. After meeting him my mantra is ‘I want to be like Ravinder Singh’. Its after meeting him I wished if someday I become a big personality, my attitude should be same like him. He is a celebrity but he behaves like a Aam Admi that makes him the best.
I remember 11th of July 2013, my first meet with him. I was so tensed and nervous before meeting him. My heart was pounding fast when he entered inside the crossword store. His side face was only visible to me and that was enough to make me realize it wasn’t a dream but reality that I am meeting him.
Fans had got a chance to ask question to Mr.Ravinder Singh. How could I miss a chance of talking to him? I grabbed the mic and firstly I introduced myself. To my surprise he remembered my name as an active member on fanpage.. Yeyyiii I was out of the world at that time.
Book signing started and it was my turn to meet him personally and give him hand made gifts. I sat beside him and he greeted me with my name. He was very happy watching my hand made gifts. He laughed loudly when he read those school birthday songs I had wrote inside the card. He laughed loudly when he read all the dreams that I had written on various placards. He was happy watching his collage on handmade bag. He was happy to see his reflection on mirror reading ‘only person who stays in my heart is the one inside the mirror’. He was happy to receive diary from me.He promised me to write a next novel in it and send a image of that diary.He was so happy that he was ready to click ten pics with me. He wrote a personalized message in my novel. He thanked me and my friends for helping me to prepare gifts. When I met him, I noticed his many qualities which made him my role model. His qualities are as follows :
1-Even though he is a best seller author, he has no rude attitude. Instead he his so down to earth.
2- He makes sure to interact with his readers and yeah when he meets them, he does remember their names.
3- He appreciates each reader and thank them to spend their money by purchasing his books instead of spending in eating, watching movie,etc.
4- He inspires, motivates each individual if they share about their goals and aims.
Apart from these, I would like to appreciate one nature of Ravinder Singh by one quote of A.P.J. Abdul Kalam : ‘I am not a handsome guy but I can give my hands to some.”
He helps new budding author by organizing various competition. Latest one is ‘Black Ink’. He himself has gone through sleepless night, he had suffered a lot while publishing his first book so he has started a publishing house called ‘Black Ink’ to give first time authors a chance to publish their novel. He will guide three authors to write and help them in publishing the novel.
The urge to work with him made me write a love story that I had published on online site. I had posted on his fanpage the link of my first story. Inspite of his busy schedule, he removed time to read my story and give his honest review.
Ravin has always wished me good luck when I always told how I dream to work with him. Ravin has removed time to solve many love related problems. He listens everyone’s problem as if his very dear friend is suffering from it. I still have those messages where he has always wished for my good.
Love you.
I will be tweeting this link to Ravin, and I am damn sure he is gonna read it with a smile on his face.
Ravin, if you read do tell me how can I work with you??



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