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She is a Mother, a Daughter, a wife- then why is she not valued?

Today she is threaten, tomorrow she is been beaten then she is raped, then she is harassed mentally, then she is killed..If not killed, then she suicides as she cant handle the pain. If she doesn’t suicides and decides to fight then world kills her by taunts. Time has changed but crime against women has not stopped.. Instead day by day its increasing. Crime against women is reaching its height.
Be it a husband, a father, a friend, boyfriend everyone is behind a women like tom runs behind jerry.
Not only man but today a women too harms a women for her benefit, due to jealousy, ego and so on.
But what are we doing to stop it??
What did our government do to stop crime against women? Earlier it didn’t make any law, now when it has made law its not implemented properly.
Ministers, individual talk that crime against women is increasing because of the clothes they wear, they way they talk,its women who wanted pleasure, its women’s fault every time! Is it so?? In spite of living in independent India why a girl doesn’t have freedom to wear, to speak, to do anything that she wills. Why is she blamed every time!! Are daughters really a curse to the society??
No not at all.. Our scripture says, daughter are goddess, daughters are diamond then why she is abused every time.
What did individuals do to stop the crime?
They lighted candle for few days thinking they did something for the good cause and then they were back to their normal life. They completely forgot that their rally did no good.
Is rally enough every time??
No, not at all.
To stop crime, the very first thing we need to do is educate every individual. We need to make them realize the importance of women. Be it a vegetable seller, a milk man or newspaper boy or be it Ambani we need to make them realize that today if you give pain to some women tomorrow it can be your wife, your daughter.
We need to make every women realize that if a crime has happened with women instead of avoiding her support her, help her to take a stand.
We need to educate ministers to think twice before they speak because its their daughter too who wears short and rome around the city.
When a child is in school, we need to introduce law as a subject that teaches them various punishments that are given for various crimes against women but before that laws must be amended properly.
Every parents should teach their child to value every women.
Girls, women should be taught self defense at least in some case they can defend themselves. Girls should be taught how to fight for themselves, they should be taught how to have courageous and not to give up attitude.
Police should be taught not to rape a  women by their words instead listen to her complaints and take action accordingly.
Rich or poor doesn’t matter.. Whoever does crime must be punished equally.
If we follow these things then I am sure that crime against women will decrease to a great extent.
Remember: “Tell the believing men to lower their gaze and guard their modesty. That is purer for them, verily Allah is All-Aware of what they do.” – QURAN.



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