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Sleepless Night Because You Are On My Mind..

I cover myself from head to toe so that darkness covers me..
I toss and turn whole night but couldn’t sleep properly..
I think continuously whats disturbing me but I don’t understand the reason..
To get peace of mind, I listen soft songs
But i still feel restless..
Cousins sit besides me and chit chat about their life but all goes unheard..
Suddenly, you appear in front of me taking me to the flashback of joyful time we had together..
Its been month since I have seen your mesmerizing eyes..
Its been month since I have seen your smiling lips
I am missing those movement of your eyeballs.
I am missing your raised eyebrows,
I am missing your handshake..
I am missing you a hell lot..
I don’t know what has happened suddenly, but things are not the same..
It has changed for sure..
Gone are those days when you respected and adored my love..
I don’t know what has happened whether you have got bored from me or you are ignoring me but one thing is for sure your this behavior is hurting me..
I tried a lot to be happy, to think positive, to believe you will be mine someday but all goes in vain as i fear of losing you.
I tried to live my life and ignore you too but later I realized my life is you and I can’t live without you..
Please it’s a request behave like before or else I will be shattered into pieces.. Please talk to me like before and meet me frequently so that I can at least keep a hope someday I and you will b together forever. 



Rekha Mishra

Blogger. Dreamer. Enthusiast. Learner. I love to laugh and share the laughter with the world.

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