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Stranger Boy Inspires Me

“I am writing about #MyRoleModel as a part of the activity by Gillette India in association with” Every one’s inspiration live with them or at least they know how their inspiration look but in my case it’s quite different. My inspiration lives in my imagination, in the stories of my Dad. I have never seen him, I don’t know how he looks, how he talks, what is he but yeah one thing I know for sure that my inspiration is a boy as my dad always says, ‘Once there was a good boy.’ I suppose good is his name!
Since childhood, I have been hearing stories about him. Since childhood, he is been my teacher, my guider who taught me about manners, about life, about world.
When I was small, every night I thanked him for teaching me one good quality. When I went to sleep, I prayed god to give all his qualities to me! When I got up in morning, I would prayed god to make me like him.
He taught me what kindness is, he taught me what politeness is, he taught me to help every one, he taught me to share, he taught me to brush your teeth twice a day, he taught me to become best student and best daughter. He taught me to have winner attitude, He taught me to love every soul, he taught me to treat everyone equal and what not he taught me. Today whatever I am, its just because of him.
My dad at nights always used to narrate that boy’s story and whole night I used to spend thinking how can someone be so good. With competitive attitude I thought to become better than him. Sometimes, his extra good qualities irritated me because my dad kept talking about him but every time he forced me to adapt his qualities in me. One day I had decided, that I will prove that I am best than him but it never happened, my dad still continued talking about him.
With time as my body grew, my mind too developed more and more and finally realized the boy about whom my dad talks stays in visual world. He does not stay in real world. He doesn’t have eyes, ears,nose,mouth,head,hair,hand,legs,body like us but he was a creation of my dad to inculcate good values in me.
Though he doesn’t exist in this real world but he is the only reason what I am today. Yes that stranger boy is my role model. The one behind my success. As I have grown up my dad no more talks about that stranger boy as he thinks I am big enough to learn right and wrong but still I remember his each and every story. He inspires me to be human with good morale. His stories are stuck in my brain and I follow him till now.
I would like to share few of his story.
1)Once there was a good boy. He never cried, never was he upset you know why?
Because he had trust in God. He had faith that with blessings of God his bad days will turn good. So whenever he felt uneasy, instead of crying he prayed God. He remembered him. So whenever you feel awkward, you feel like crying or feel like being alone remember God. He will cure away your all problems.
2) Once there was a good boy. You know why he was called good? Because he had good habits. He used to cut his nails every week, comb his hair, keep his shoes,clothes,uniform neat and tidy. He used to wash his hands before and after eating. He used to sleep early and wake-up early. So you must try to become like him so that people can call you good too.
3) Once there was a good boy. He was always a winner you know why? Because for him giving up was never the option. He gave his best in everything. He believed participation matters the most. If you participate you are already a winner because many don’t even participate. So participate in all activities and give your best. You will be the winner.
Now, after reading his stories what do you think? Ain’t this stranger boy a role model for all of us??



Rekha Mishra

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