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The best charity you can do is by improving your character.

I saw a minister distributing food and clothes to beggars near my society.
“He is a nice man,” I told to my mumma eating my favorite strawberry ice cream.
I went near him just to compliment him for his good deeds.
“Uncle, uncle,” i called and touched his back.
“You stupid girl!! Why did you touch me? Which caste do you belong! Are you an untouchable or belong from schedule caste,” came the reply.
“He is not nice,” my heart screamed.
“Sorry,” I said and marched towards my home.
Night passed but still my mind was thinking about the minister’s incident.
Lots of questions were floating in my mind.
‘How can he do charity with such a narrow thinking?’, ‘will god be happy by his charity’, ‘will people be happy by his good deeds?’.
To get answers of my questions I asked my dad.
“The best charity you can do is by improving your character,” was his reply.
Earlier i didn’t understand meanings of his words but as i grew up, i completely understood what message he wanted to give me.
Charity is not only about donating clothes, food, money an so on to poor. Charity is not meant only for poor. Charity also includes the way we behave, it includes our character too. By donating huge amount of money with an impure heart is of no use.. You will become ‘mahan’ or ‘great’  in this world but in eyes of God you will always be a ‘loser’.  Its a dream of almost all children and teenager that when they will grow up and earn money they will do charity.. Hold on Guys! It’s not necessary to earn money and then do charity, you can start right now!
Improve your character because its a best charity you can ever do.
Smiling at someone is charity, making someone laugh is charity, helping a stranger by telling him the address is charity, helping an aged man, blind person to cross the road is again a charity, sharing food with your friends or someone who is hungry is a charity, feeding a pet is charity, helping mom is charity, talking politely is charity, removing harmful thing from road that will harm others is again a charity, saying thank you to someone is a charity.
Charity begins at home so start from today. Respect your parents, obey them, don’t lie to them, help them to complete their work.
No need to wait for doing big charity.Big big donations can be done by anyone but improving a character is the most difficult and greatest charity one can do..



Rekha Mishra

Blogger. Dreamer. Enthusiast. Learner. I love to laugh and share the laughter with the world.

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