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First Rain has washed away the fake color of some cheap people!

Yesterday night, Mumbaikars were blessed with special gift by God. Yeah! First rain after a long hot days.
Rains have always been special for everyone. First rain for me is a face with full of smiles. I just love the smell of the sand when it rains. First rain indicates me that hot days(bad days have gone) and cool days (good days) are back.
First rain gives everyone something. It gives someone memories, it gives someone happiness, it gives someone relief from hot days. Not only to humans but it also gives facebook and watsapp loads of status and to twitter it gives tweets.
This year’s rain has not only brought excitement, happiness in me but it has also gifted me and my friend a lesson for lifetime.
It taught me even if some people force you for anything don’t accept it. Some people are so cheap. They first pretend to be nice, they pretend as if no one is as nice as them, They fool people emotionally by giving swears on friendships and what not! They will force you to take help from them. Later when time comes they don’t feel shame to show their level, they shamelessly ask to return their help back!Huh! Why do such people even exist??
First rain has really washed the fake colors of such cheap people! Thank you rain for showing true colours of a chameleon. 
Rain ji Welcome to Mumbai.. Stay here for long time 🙂



Rekha Mishra

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