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Whenever I go to college and visit those places where NSDC’s admission desk was setup, I get lost into a funny flashback.
Convincing girls to take admissions,  irritating Shoib and Aftab Sir, leg pulling of Hina, eating tiffins together!!
Whenever I go to Av room, new building, I get lost into crazy flashback.
Playing garba with Renuka and Hina in breaks, Varsha mam’s dance as a warm up, Shoib sir’s jokes..
I relive those days when I and other girls went to eat choco bite of 5rs. Oh God! I badly miss those days. I wish those days can come back again.

I am a day dreamer and lazy person. Sleeping in class or bunking the lecture is what I do since school days but Shoib Sir and Varsha Mam’s teaching had the power to make me sit in lecture from 10 am to 6 pm.

Shoib Sir, this one is for you 🙂

Teaching a batch of 40 girls is not every men’s cup of tea but you did it. I have never seen a trainer like you. I still remember each and everything from the day one of our lecture till on the job training. Eating dosa, sandwhich, tiffins with you and Varsha Mam is unforgettable. For every girls you were a more friend and a less trainer. Your personal life story; your journey as a salesman to a RASCI trainer had inspired many to work hard. There were times when you got angry on me because I did mistakes intentionally or unintentionally. No trainer takes anyone’s anger but till some point of time you did. I am really sorry for those mistakes.
Shoib Sir, I wish you good luck for your future. I will really miss your class a lot. I hate studying a lot. I never gave my fifty percent attention in any lectures but in NSDC I gave my hundred percent. You know why? Your teaching had that power.  You are ‘the best’ trainer. May you achieve all success in life.

Varsha Mam: when you first entered in the class I was like, ‘Is she our trainer?’ I mean you look so young and beautiful that it was not easy to believe you are our trainer. Your age and your looks are opposite. Anyways thank you so much for inspiring girls to speak English. Though that inspiration lasted for few days but you tried your best.

On the job training; eight days had given us so much of experience and knowledge. Compliments from customers inspired us to do more sales. Orders from the TL and other salesperson irritated us. On the job training taught us many thing. Few important lessons that I have learnt are as follows:
In life its not necessary you will get a good co-workers and boss and so you have to do your best to make them realize your value.

Life is a race. You have to work hard to come first.

Its easy to become a software engineer, doctor but its tough to become a salesperson.

And the biggest lesson I have experienced is : Never unfold those clothes, you don’t like. It takes lot of hard work to fold a rack of clothes!

Okay my last message to Sanjay Sir. If by chance, someday you visit my blog I want you to read this:

After Ravinder Singh and Bhagat Singh if I am highly influenced by anyone, it’s you. I swear! The way you talk is what I want to learn from you.
‘Either I am a mass or I am a class,’ this thought said by you has inspired me to take each and every step of my life to become a CLASS. By the way sir, except when I have shoe bite I wear covered shoes. Haha! I remember, that ‘When we meet a new person they first notice your footwear.’

Thank you once again to my NSDC classmates, Infinite Myriaads for giving me a memory for life time.



Rekha Mishra

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