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Everytime I see a Hijra, it reminds me of her!!

Travelling in Mumbai locals!!

Carrying thousands of people in its twelve or nine compartment, it drops the middle class people to their nearest destination.
Sometimes its chaotic while sometimes you’ll not find a place as interesting as Mumbai local trains.
You meet people from different background, religion, profession and of different age.
Some people plug in earphone to spend their time while some read books, gaze outside the window!! And some people who are burden on earth like me they love to explore. People like me can never sit silently instead we look here and there to interact with some interesting personality and satisfy ourself by knowing some useful information.

Whenever I travel in train, I make sure I interact with someone so that they can give me some additional knowledge. I have met various inspiring ladies, I have had fight with a girl for throwing wrappers on station, I met some religious women, I met a beggar who was rich by heart and many more but one person will be above all. I’ll never forget her ever.

She was wearing a tiger print top and a denim skirt, fair face with light makeup and  a bob cut hair.
“Who is she/ he?  A boy or a girl?” I asked confusingly to my bestie. She was weird, attire wise she was a girl but her face was like a boy.
“Idiot! She is a hijra!!” my friend responded.
My jaws dropped down hearing the word Hijra. I mean she looked so beautiful or I must say handsome that I was not understanding the reason why was she hijra!
I could not take my eyes off from her because she was different from other hijra. Yes she was more beautiful then other hijras but that is certainly not the only reason! Most Hijras irritate you by asking money, they’ll touch you here and there, if you don’t give them money that will make faces and sometimes if you say them something they will start using slang language. But she, she was something different. If hijra would have had standards then I am sure she would have belonged to the top standard.
She asked money from everyone but only once. You gave her money or you didn’t she blessed everyone.
I went near her and asked her to bless me for my studies. She did and it was only her blessings I had scored 72% in 12th boards.
I was curious to know about her. After knowing about her I understood why God made her hijra; so that she can teach a lesson to people.

When her family member came to know that there is some problem in her and she is Hijra they wanted her to hide her identity but as I said she was different! She happily accepted her destiny and proudly accepted who she is! She decided not to hide but to reveal everyone because it was God who created her this way and God always have better plans for everyone. Her family threw her out from home but she didn’t give up. She earned money and owned two flats in Goregaon. She was happy infact very happy in her life. And not only this! She had also showed us the picture of her boyfriend. Shocked!
Yes she had boyfriend who was loyal to her and they were going to get married soon.

She got down at Goregaon station living me with an amusing smile.

The reason why I shared her story on blog is because I wanted to share the lesson that I had learnt from her.

“Potray yourself who you are.. Don’t hide who your real identity. Everyone has flaws within them but remember, ‘No one is perfect.’ So be proud of who you are! You never know someone too can get inspire by you!

I hope this blog of mine would have taught you what I wanted to convey!




Rekha Mishra

Blogger. Dreamer. Enthusiast. Learner. I love to laugh and share the laughter with the world.

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