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KIRAN-2K14. A meeting with Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam

First of all I would like to thank Nagindas Khandwala College(Mumbai), especially BMS Section students for organizing such a beautiful seminar. Today was my second time I had attended Kiran. Today, if I am a blogger the credit goes to none other than Kiran 2K13 who gave me an opportunity to meet Farhad Acidwala and Abhishek Shetty, the young entrepreneurs of India. It was their motivational speech that inspired me to blog.

Again I would like to thank Kiran 2K14 for giving a chance to thousands of youth of Mumbai to hear the former president of India, i.e. Dr.A.P.J. Abdul Kalam.

It was an immense pleasure to see the Missile Man on the podium who had come to ignite, inspire and give an innovative idea to all the young minds. And obviously! he succeeded in his mission.

Here are few lessons that I have learnt from Sir and I would like to share with you all so that not only me but you could also find a way to success.

1. It is possible for people for living in a green, clean environment without pollution having prosperity without poverty, peace without fear of war and living with happiness all around.

2. We are born to give something – Yes, It is our responsibility to return something good to our motherland, the people around us.

3. There is a homework for all of us, take a paper and pen and sit in a peaceful area and ask yourself What I will be remembered for? Write whatever answer comes to your mind and then again ask yourself What can I do for it? The moment you get the answer, you must start working upon it.

4. If you want to be a leader, learn to say What can I give you? This quality is the best of all.

5. “Everybody wants to be like everybody but very few wants to be unique. Be among that few.”

6. Unique person must follow four things:
     a. You have to be young in mind, thought and heart.
     b. Aim and get knowledge how to fulfill those aim.
     c. Hard work.
     d. Be the captain of the problem.

7. Have fire in your subconscious mind.

8. Be a wing to fly High.

When Sir was giving speech, I not only jotted down keynotes but I also wrote something for him as a dedication. But the interaction session was missing and I didn’t get a chance to convey my speech to him. I would like to share it here :

Last night, I was getting butterfly in my stomach as one of my dream to meet you was going to come true.
Before I hardly knew about you anything except that you were Ex-president of India but when I started learning about you I got really crazy. I tried my best to meet you once but I got unsuccessful. Today I can say that I am blessed to see you in front of my eyes.

You are ex-president of India, an aerospace engineer, professor, speaker, an author, a BharatRatna Awardee but this is not what makes you special at all. What makes you special is the work you did for developing India.

‘Missile Man’ this title was given for you for your success in aerospace engineering but for me you are a ‘Missile Man’ because you ignited a missile int the minds of youth to become unique and responsible citizen of India.

Your thought “I am not a handsome guy but I can give my hand to someone who needs help. Beauty is in heart and not in face,” touched my soul and I have been continuously trying to become beautiful by heart.

I started writing your thoughts on the blackboard of all classes. Not only students but teachers too got inspired by it.

Like Failure, Experience is also the stepping stone to success and your experience is not only the way to success for you but for thousands of students.

Alhamdulilah! Thanking God hundred times won’t be enough as he gave me a chance to meet a noble man. I wish you live many long years and make India a developed country. Sir you are the most handsome guy on the earth with such a cute smile. Love you a lot.

(I wish someday, he reads my blog! )

I hope this blog of mine has inspired every reader. Do give your reviews about one thing that you learnt from Sir.

Thank you!



Rekha Mishra

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