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Time for a makeover of my home :)

When I visit at many people’s home my mouth turns into an ‘O’ shape. Not only this my eyes turn wide and I land up into a dream to have a home like them. Their home astound me because the decorations they do, the show pieces they keep, their sofas and cushions and so on are so unique. On my trip, one thing I notice every home is better than others.
I have heard that,”A house becomes a home when people live in it.” But for me a house becomes home not only by people but also by the way they keep it. 
I have had always wanted that my house should always resemble elegance, patriotism, nature love and artist lover. With I have got an opportunity to make my home a dream home.

Picking three items from the list of hundred is really not fair as I am loving each and every item. But if I am forced to select any three, I would have selected the following:


Aapno Rajasthan Time Piece and National Emblem Stand


As I was going through all the items on the page, this was the first thing that touched my heart and soul. When I saw this, I got a feeling of proud to be Indian. I would love to keep this at my home as I every time I curse Indian education, Indian society or Indian culture this national emblem stand will remind me that I am too an Indian and instead of cursing I should work hard to make it a country that everyone could be proud of.  Also every time when I will see this it will give me a message to follow the path of truth as we all very well know that the national emblem stands ‘Satyameva Jayate’ (‘truth alone triumphs’.)                       
For a youngsters, mobile is their life. They can lose their important documents, they don’t care about their notes being wet or torn but when it comes to cell phone they will take care of it, love it as their first child. I always love to keep my cell phone in mobile stand. What could be best to keep a cell phone in this ethnic design mobile stand. I just loved the color combination and designs carved inside it plus the cute watch is a cherry on cake.


Deknudt Mirror – (2653.101)


I am a self lover. I love myself so much that I always stand in front of mirror and compliment myself. Not only this, to gain confidence I have learnt to stand and talk in front of mirror and I do follow this. I can stand 24*7 in front of mirror and keep smiling. My mom always shouts me for this as she thinks looking in mirror and talking is a sign when a person is mentally ill. Lolz. I have never seen such a unique mirror at anyone’s place. And also the shape of human mirror will always keep on telling me that Rekha you are a human! So never do foolish acts like animal and never at any point of time consider yourself as God. Also this mirror in my bedroom will suit and it will be a company for me when I will have sleepless nights. 

Everyone reading this blog do visit and make your home stand out different from others.
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Rekha Mishra

Blogger. Dreamer. Enthusiast. Learner. I love to laugh and share the laughter with the world.

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