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Why tie rakhi only on brother’s wrist?

August is the much awaited month for girls. Of course! It’s the month to earn some extra pocket money, get goodies from brother. All they have to do is tie a rakhi on brother’s wrist and earn rewards for it.
Well Raksha Bandhan is a festival where a girl ties rakhi on a brother’s wrist and the brother ensures that he will protect her sister from all the bad things. He will help her sister by showing her the correct path. He will become  her best friend whom a sister can rely on.
What if some girls don’t have brothers? What if on that special day a girls brother is out of town? 
To all such girls you don’t need to be upset or think you are the most unluckiest girl. Raksha bandhan means affirming that you’ll protect your loved ones. There is not written anywhere only a brother can protect a sister. Parents too can protect their children and vice versa, friends can protect each other. Teacher can protect a student and vice versa. Neighbours can protect each other.
So instead of being upset find out the ways to be happy. Tie a rakhi to your loved ones and earn an extra income too.
This was how we celebrated Raksha Bandhan.
My neighbours brother was out of town as he in merchant navy so i and my sis tied her rakhi and she did the same too and yes Ofcourse we enjoyed the day!



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