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The Blind Spot

Team Name : Maximus Dramaticus

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Tara closed her eyes for a moment and the very first person who came to her mind was her husband Shekhar.
Shekhar was a freelance writer by profession, and a stay at home Dad. He was not only Tara’s husband but also her guide.

Whenever Tara was confused, she always  sought advice from Shekhar.

She took out her cellphone from her denims and made a call to her husband.

“Honey, Roohi and I are playing hide and seek,” he said and all the huffing and puffing told Tara that Roohi and Shekhar were playing some energetic game.

Fair – complexioned, donning a frill frock and sporting two ponytails – Roohi was Shekhar and Tara’s nine year old daughter. By face anyone could have thought Roohi to be reticent but deep down she was extremely naughty. She loved to play hide and seek all the time while eating, taking a shower and even while doing her homework. Roohi stopped playing, considering Dear Mommy had called.

“Tell me what happened?” Shekhar asked realizing the stress in Tara’s voice.

“Umm.. Actually honey I.. I am in Delhi at Cyrus’s place!”

“But you were going to Lucknow, right?”

She narrated to him, the entire incident about Cyrus calling her to Delhi, dead bodies of bitches on Monday nights, notes with two syllables, everything.

Illustration sketched by Arvind Passey. Blog:


“What should I do?” she asked Shekhar as she was assured that he would always give her the right advice.

“My Dear Wifey, Act Sherlock, and crack the case.”


“If you file a complaint at the nearest Police Station, no one will believe you, as every time on the following day, the body disappears! So who will reveal the story behind the appearance of these bodies on Monday nights?”

“I know I don’t have to tell you this but take care of yourself and Roohi. I’ll be back soon. Love you,” she said and hung up the call.

“Cyrus I need your help!” she said holding all the notes together.”

“What help?”

“I want you and me to act as a Team and work on this case.”

Though Cyrus was scared for a moment  he agreed to be a part of this mystery, as he was very keen to know the story behind the serial appearances and then the subsequent disappearances of the bodies.

“Do you remember my friend Jennifer, Tara. She is a photographer. Also she has worked with some detective agencies in the past. I am sure she will be a great help!” said Cyrus.

Jennifer and Cyrus had met two years back in the Lion’s Club Debate Competition held in Mumbai. Jennifer was from Kerala and she was selected as a representative from her college, S.N.D.T University. While they were on stage debating, they resembled perfect rivals but back-stage they were best friends. For Cyrus, she was his Angel.

Her dusky complexion, hazel eyes, and a certain aura made every guy fall for her.

Cyrus too had developed a strong liking for her, towards the end of the Competition, but kept it a secret.

When she was leaving for the Airport, Cyrus went to bid her farewell at the Airport.

They exchanged each other’s contacts and Skype ids. For a few weeks after that, they had regular talks and Cyrus started not only loving her for her looks but for her innocence, her cuteness and her nature. Cyrus never dared to confess his feelings for her as he knew she was already in a relationship with someone else.

“Great, Call her to Delhi,” Tara said.

Cyrus called her and narrated her about the new task.Next morning, Jennifer flew down to Delhi.


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  1. Good introduction about Roohi and Jennifer…the story is picking up very well…also you made Roohi look different like saying she plays hide and seek all the time. Good one Rekha 🙂

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