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Private India


Ashwin Sanghi is a bestselling author of the Rozabal line, Chanakya’s Chant and The Krishna Key. Born on 25th January 1969, Ashwin is an entrpreneur as well as author who is master in genres of thriller, mystery fiction, conspiracy fiction. 

Born on March 22,1947 James Patterson is an author of the Alex Cross Series, The Women’s Murder Club series, The Maximus ride series, the Michael Benett series and the Private series. He is a best selling author and his genre of writings are Romance, young adult fiction Thriller.




My Review on the book:

This was the first time I had picked a novel with a genre of Thriller and I am quite sure that this won’t be my last thriller book.  When I saw the book cover of Private India, I thought that the authors are going to share some hidden facts/secrets of India as I was unaware that this book is a part of “Private series” by James Patterson.  This is for the first time I have read Ashwin Sangi and James Patterson’s work and no doubt their work shows how brilliant author they are.  Thank you Blogadda for this book. When I had received this book I saw the bottom line that read, “It’s the season for murders in Mumbai”. I found this line catchy as I and my sisters are fond of crime shows like Gumraah, Savadhan India, Crime Patrol. I wonder how stupid I was that I never read a thriller and crime novels before!

Private India is the Mumbai branch of the world’s finest Investigation agency consisting of five members; James- the boss of Private Santosh Wagh- the head of the Mumbai branch Investigation agency, Mubeen- the medical examiner, Hari-the hacker and Nisha the ex CBI officer. The story starts with a murder of a Thailand doctor who was on a trip to Mumbai with a yellow scarf around her neck and her hand was wrapped with a string. In one hand was a flower and an ordinary fork in the other hand. On one of the toes was tied a small toy Viking helmet. The murder continues in a series. The yellow scarf around the neck was common but each time there was different props used by the killer to narrate a story to the Investigator.

The best part of the novel is the story that the killer wanted to narrate with the props (destruction of womenhood,  destructor of Durga Avatar).

The novel keeps the reader involved till the last page and it also includes lots of suspense. With every new entry of characters the readers feel that the character is the suspect killer. The murderer identity is described in the later part of the book and the reason behind the murders was unique.  The authors have done a good job in describing the incidents, character, emotions so accurately that had helped me to create a visual image of particular scene in my mind. I was so drawn towards the story that in some parts of the story I felt like I am too a part of Private India as I was solving the mystery behind murders in my own dreamland. The story not only deals with murders but with every aspects like prostitution, child trafficking, underworlds and goons, terrorist attacks, corruption that are the major crimes happening in India especially in Mumbai.

The only thing that I didn’t like was too many characters in the story as it was hard for me to remember about them.


Overall Ashwin Sanghi and James Patterson have done a good job. I would rate this book 4 out of 5.

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