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Teachers are like Stones

I have heard many times that school and college are like our second home and teachers are like our second parent. But I totally disagree with it. I spend most of my time in college with my teachers. For me my teachers were, are and will always be my first priority. Mom and Dad give us life but its teachers who teaches us the way of life. For me teachers are like stones.
Stones take up a form of idol that is worshipped. Similarly teachers are an idol for students. Every teacher has important lessons to share with students that inspire them. Stones sharpen knife and teachers sharpen a student’s mind. Like a black tourmaline stone teachers help students in deflecting negative energies in physical and energetic bodies and replace it with positivity. Stones are used to make jwellery that enhance a person’s personsality. Similarly a teachers guidance is like a jwellery as it helps in overall personality development of a student. Like Aqeeq(A stone having importance in Islam) teachers create joy in heart and good for the eye sight and it helps to eliminate sadness and anger. They help in overcoming flaws, fears and loneliness and gives us a sense of strength and courage.

Steps are made by stone. If there were no steps, how could a person reach the temple? If there were no teachers how could a person walk on the way of sucess? What can a tower do without a pillar that is made of stones? What could a student do without the guidance and support of teachers? A teacher is a pillar for every student.

For students every teacher is precious!

Like stones, teachers too are very important.



Rekha Mishra

Blogger. Dreamer. Enthusiast. Learner. I love to laugh and share the laughter with the world.

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