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The Flashback

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“Okay, but why is she here? Is she too involved in this case?”, Jennifer asked with a weird look on her face.

“She is the mastermind behind everything. She Is The Bitch!”, Tara said, standing still, all at once.


It was Nine Forty in the morning, and Third Year Mass Media students were asked to put their pens down.

Tara and Shekhar went outside the College to a nearby restaurant to savor their favorite Pav Bhaji.

“What?! Do you mean you are moving to Delhi? “, she asked astonished, dropping the bite she’d just taken, to the plate.

“I am just going for work, I will be back soon.” he said with a worried smile.

Tara and Shekhar were quarreling when Shekhar’s cellphone flashed the name ‘Samantha’.

Since childhood, Tara had keen observation which she utilized to her advantage as a Media Professional.

Nothing could go unnoticed from her vision, not even Samantha’s call.

Since the past two weeks, Tara had been noticing repeated calls from this lady on her spouse’s phone and she wasn’t liking it even one bit.

She had tried ousting Shekhar with her interrogation skills but to her outright disappointment; ‘Just Friends’ were the only words she’d managed so far.

“Yes Samantha, I am coming. Meet me at the College Gate in two minutes,” he said getting up from his chair and taking a sip of water.

“Hey Shekhar! Where are you going?! We are engaged, remember?! We need to know about each other’s whereabouts!

How can you go to Delhi without informing me?”, Tara lost her cool. She shouted at Shekhar while following him.

“Trust Me. I am going for our marriage’s sake!”, he said waving to Tara.

Shekhar hired a Taxi and went away.


“Shekhar did it for us but he broke my trust!”, Tara muttered.

Tears had swelled up in Tara’s eyes while she reflected on a flashback.

“Tara! What happened? Do you know her?”, Cyrus asked resting his hand on her shoulder gesturing brotherly support.

“How I wish! I should’ve guessed it. Our present would have not been this bad, Cyrus.”

“Let’s go. We are getting late,” Jennifer said walking towards the staircase.


As soon as the judge entered the room, the case started. Cyrus had presented various proof against his professor, Lallan and Samantha. The smile on these three criminals face was replaced with sweat on their forehead and fear in their eyes.

Samantha with the help of her lawyer managed to take fifteen minutes break and In those fifteen minutes, the Judge changed its hearing date to15 February as Samantha Naik had bribed him to postpone the hearing.

“Tara listen to me! Please!” Shekhar said holding Tara’s wrist.

“What? You were working for the Mafia! Didn’t I cross your mind? Me? Your fiancé, Tara?! What would have become of us?!”

“I was forced to do it! Damn!

If I wouldn’t have joined hands with them our future would have never taken its present shape!”

Everyone demanded an answer from Shekhar.

“Shekhar, I need to talk to you. Come with us!” Samantha called him and he followed her.

Tara, Cyrus and Jennifer went back home.

Tara, along with Roohi went out for a breath of fresh air, as she was feeling suffocated.

Cyrus went to his room to study his case, further.

And, Jennifer took out her laptop and logged in to her FB.

Jennifer was a social media addict.

Social media to her, was her lifeline, if not less.

She came across a website titled ‘Blogadda – Who Are You Reading Today?’, liked by a college friend where she stumbled across ‘Notable Newbie’ – Cyrus Daruwala – blogging since July 2012.

She recognized Cy by the Display Icon, on his Blogger Profile.

She was amazed.

‘So, Cy writes a blog secretly – “Reticence Finds Expression”!

She was quick to click on the Blog’s link and there it was.

Cy’s own Blog.

She was so impressed by his writing prowess that she couldn’t resist exploring the Archives.

It was like she’d discovered a new Cyrus, altogether.

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