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God Is a Gamer


About the Author:

Ravi Subramanium is a banker by profession. He has written many thriller novels such as If God was a Banker, I Bought the Monk’s Ferrari, Devil in Pinstripes, The Incredible Banker, 2012 The Bankster, 2013 Bankerupt, 2014 God is a Gamer


I was attracted to this novel before I had started reading because of its beautifully designed cover page.

Look at the image above, can you take off your eyes from it! It’s obviously a no!

For a reader, a novel is the best gift and for me autograph of author on their book is the best gift and the credit behind this book goes to blogadda.

Before reviewing the book, I would like to share some thing about thriller novels. Blogadda was running #CelebrateBlogging where 20 groups of 10 bloggers were made. The characters were given by blogadda and we had to write a story based on the character. My team decided to write a thriller novel that’s when I realized that ‘Writing a novel is hard but writing a thriller is a challenge for a writer’
Yeah! It’s almost like a challenge for a writer, keeping interest of the reader is secondary but completing it is primary.

Ravi Subramaninum, has completed both his challenge. He not only completed his story, but his novel can make the readers to read it in one stretch.

The story starts with the introduction of bitcoins, a digital currency introduced by Santoshi Nakamoto. Then the murder of Gillian takes places. Gillian was a politician from America by profession. Gillian’s murder was still a mystery but one more mystery is bought in the story phishing scandal in NYIB (New York International Bank).
Tanya(Malvika’s daughter) and Varun’s meeting in Goa. More mystries take place like Murder of Malvika who was the C.E.O of NYIB but gpt promoted to ChairPerson, Swami the head of the retail marketing of NYIB Mumbai disclosing some news about Malvika’s money laundering with the help of finance minister and the confession of the source from whom he got this information and that night he meets with an accident. Relationship between NYIB and etios. Aditya’s son taking responsibility of Indiscape, a gaming site. Malfunction in the software of games to transfer bitcoins to some wallet, ATM heist, “The confession of the hooker” blog, drug dealing through Cotton Trail, how a lovely relationship between Aditya and Malvika got over as their children were in love with each other, bit coins private key number embedded on ring.

The story ends with revealing the original identity of Santoshi Nakamoto, Gillians involvement in bitcoins but there is again a suspense regarding the mastermind behind all this and the reason behind this mastermind.

Apart from entertainment, what you seek is knowledge on gaming. How they are promoted to attract customers or rather fool them: D

This book is a must read book for thriller lover and also anyone can read it because of the simplicity of language and well narrated scenes.

Ravi Subramaninum you rock!!


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