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My Journey- Transforming Dreams into Actions

My journey


My Journey- Transforming Dreams into actions



About the Author:

“I am not a handsome guy, but I can give my hands to some. Beauty is in heart and not in face.” This very famous quote has inspired many youth and adults that it is your actions that make you beautiful and not you outer look. Not only this, but many quotes by him have ignited the mind of young leaders. Mr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, the eleventh president of India, aeronautical engineer resides in many people’s heart. He has written various books to help youth to dream and live their dreams. His speech has got a magic that can influence any one. Well, I call myself luck to hear him Live which helped me to know “What should I be known for after I die?” You can read about it here: Kiran 2K14 : A meet with Dr. Abdul Kalam


My Review on book:

I was at Diwali visit at all my friends and neighbors place and in one of the meet with a neighbor I met with this book. I thought to buy but A.P.J. Abdul Kalam’s name and the introduction part made me to borrow the book so that I could start reading as soon as possible. My Journey is a book, where Kalam Sir has penned down his experiences and lessons that life has taught him. My journey focuses more on the smaller, lesser known happenings in his life with great teachings for the readers. In this book Kalam Sir writes about his father, from whom he learnt the quality of humbleness, loyalty and faith in God. He writes about his father’s friendship with a Hindu priest, with a father of a church and how they maintained peace and harmony. He writes about his teacher, who tried to separate Kalam from his best friend just because he was a Muslim and how these three divine people took action to maintain equality in their town. He further writes about his mother and grandmother who gave their share of food so that children of the house don’t remain hungry, he writes about poor income of the family, his guider Ahmed Jallaludin, about his sister Firoza who sold her jewelleries so that Kalam Sir could go for further studies, he writes about his school, about professors in college, teachers in school, Leadership quality of Vikram Sarabhai, about his work as a newspaper seller boy at the age of eight, Sudhakar’s story of courage, importance of Holy scriptures and about his life.

This is a must read and must have book. This book can be read by people of any age be it a child, a youth or an adult. This book should also be read by teachers where he actually defines what teachers exactly means, this book should be read by the management of school and college to understand that quality does not come from a great building or great facilities or great advertisements, it happens when education is imparted with love by great teachers. This book should be read by youths and adults where he explains to never stop dreaming, this book should also be read by small children where he explains about hard work that should be imparted to children in small age. His description about various Holy Scriptures, about life and death, about the quality of a leader, about his energy and enthusiasm to work at a very small age, about his dream, about destiny and in between poems surely touches the heart of reader. Every story covered in this book is nostalgic and gives us beautiful lessons.

For me this book is no less than a Holy Scripture.






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