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Rekha On a Date With God Vishnu!

“Ae kya bolti tu?”

“Ae kya me bolu?”



“Chalti kya date pe tu?”

I had fall down on the floor hearing this line. My jaws dropped down as I was astonished. Now you must me wondering what an over actor girl she is! A guy asking a girl on a date is common! But but but but let me clear you this guy is actually not a guy.. Don’t misunderstand me! Let me describe you who he is! Dark complexioned guy- the color of passive and formless ether. Though he is dark complexioned but still he is the most handsome guy on this world so far. Having four hands, on back hand holding the white conch and on other holding a chakra that refers to the cycle of time and also acts as a weapon. Yes you guessed it absolutely right!

It’s Lord Vishnu!

Favorite Celebrity asking on a date is possible but God himself asking you on a date is just unimaginable. I have heard somewhere the word impossible itself means, ‘I am possible’ and after this incident I have started believing in it.

Vishnu asked me for a date!! Wow! Now this sounds cool! I mean When God himself asks you for a date, you wonder what good deeds you have done that God wants to date you! You feel like you have won a lottery, no no not lottery you feel like you have won a ticket to heaven.

“Don’t be scared beautiful lady. I like you and I want to date you.”

“Of course who could deny going on a date with you!” I said.

He called his wahan Garud. Long drive in car or bike was okay but Garud!!
‘It’s going to be adventurous date I guess’
I rested my palm on one of his right hand’s palm and walked towards the garud.

I sat behind him and we started flying in the air.

Since childhood I have always loved the sky! Whenever, I go out I always click its picture and so badly wished to touch the sky and a date with Vishnu made it possible. I had touched the top most sky.

Garud left us near Vishnu’s house.

My mouth turned into ‘O’ shape watching his beautiful house. Water flowing in the sea with an enchanting noise. In between the sea, there was Sheshnaag on which Vishnu sits or rests.
Though that house was not like a bungalow, though it was not a 3 BHK house but that house was soothing to eyes.

“Come, let’s rest here.”

“Are you mad!!” I howled at him.

“Oops! I am Sorry God ji” I said realizing I had screamed on God.

“It’s okay. Chill sweetheart”

I went with him, closed my eyes due to fear and sat down on Sheshnaag. As I opened my eyes, I saw Sheshnag’s face an inch closer to me but this time I was not scared! It was all because of Vishnu!

I rested on Sheshnag like a queen. I saw a light flashing on water and the movie started. The movie was not released on earth but I felt as if I know the story.

“I too had a love story” Yes it was a movie based on my favourite novel.

“I love Ravinder Singh. He is my favorite, my inspiration!” I said.

“He is my favorite too. At the end of our date you will get a big surprise.”

After movie got over, he changed his avatar from god to human being and we returned back to earth.

Since I love visiting new places, he planned a travelling date. He made sure; I visit various countries in one day.

Lunch at Eiffel tower, fun at Disneyland, spin on the London Eye, walk on the beach of Goa, and one hour pottery class at China.

This date was more than a perfect date! A romantic date with full of adventures and fun!!

At night 9.00 pm I and Vishnu ji returned back to Mumbai. We went to a restaurant near to my house. We took our seat and ordered for dinner!

I was enjoying my dinner with him, when my eyes went to a table where my boyfriend was having dinner!

Wait he was having dinner with a girl! No she was not her sister nor her mother! But her ex!! He was holding her hand and they were savoring my boyfriend’s favorite dish, ‘Schezwan Noodles’.

I burst out in tears watching that scene. Vishnu had advised me to confront him.
I, along with Vishnu went to his seat.
He spilled out the water he was drinking from the glass.

“You cheat!” I said slapping him on his right cheek. “You were trying to fool me!”

He shook his head down.

“Who are you and how dare you slap my boyfriend!”

“Because this guy is my boyfriend too.. Sorry was!”

Her ex too slapped him.

“Who is this guy with you?” he asked shamelessly.

“He is from emotional atyachar of UTV Bindaas, we were spying on you!” I said slapping him one last time!

I along with Vishnu left the place.

“Since morning, everything good was happening to me but this was not good at all,” I said crying like a child.

“You know why I planned a date with you? Because you are a sensitive girl! I knew if I reveal his truth directly in front of you, you will hurt yourself as you have done many times in past. Since the first day of your relationship, he was fooling you and since everyday you prayed to me to make your present and future best I had to tell you truth about him. I had spent entire day with you to make you believe that whenever darkness, sadness, will try to enter your life, I Vishnu will give you so much happiness that this sadness and darkness will be like ant.”

“Thank you,” I said with a wide smile. Vishnu’s word had touched my heart so much that my boyfriend’s cheat hardly mattered to me.

“Remember, I am always with you! If you will go on wrong path, I’ll guide to return on the right path!”

“Vishnuji, My surprise?”

“Haha! You are cute! Be this way forever! As soon as I leave from her, you will get your surprise,” he said and vanished from my eyesight.

Lots of good things happened with one bad thing that day!



‘Whatever happens happens for good!” I said.

While walking towards home, I received a call from an unknown number.

“Hello Rekha,” said a man. His voice was quite familiar. I had heard this voice many times before.

“Ravinnnnnnn!” I said screaming with joy!!

“Yes, Well this is to inform you that you will be with me throughout the promotion of my new book.”

“Rekha, this is my surprise for you!” said Vishnu from heaven.

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