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The Web of Emotions

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“This is Prof. Paresh. So it is clear that Paresh’s car was used for kidnapping Roohi after his murder just to confuse us and deepen the mystery.”

“Sir, one more person was seen near the gate after 15 minutes from when Paresh entered the house.”

Aryan’s eyes were glued to the CCTV footage as he didn’t want to miss even one clue that would help them to solve the case. He saw a figure wearing a white shirt having pink lining and black denims. It also had a razor in her right hand. However, the face was concealed behind a black mask.

“Who is this person? Lallan?”, Aryan asked himself. He noticed the person in CCTV footage very carefully. Though the face was covered, the eyes were clearly visible!

“This person is not Lallan. In fact, it’s not a man but a woman. Her physique clearly states that she is a woman.”

He searched for Samantha’s photograph on his iPad and studied her image carefully.  He noticed her eyes; they were the same; the ones which he had just seen in the footage.

“It is clear that Samantha is the murderer. Did you get any information from the call records?”, Aryan inquired.

“Sir, there is a repetitive call from the number 9876543210 before the murder.”

“Whom does this number belong to?”

“Ms.Tara Shah.”

“Tara Shah Dutta??!!” Aryan exclaimed.


“Are you serious Tara?” Cyrus asked as he was surprised by Tara’s statement.

“Cyrus, my professional experience has presented me with many such documents in the past, as a Media Person. I am well able to assess the freshness of this Diary also”, she was explaining the reason behind her statement, when a phone call interrupted them.

It was a call from Aryan.

“Aryan, I need to talk to you. It is very important. Let’s meet up.” Tara said.

“Tara, even I want to share something very important with you.”

“Okay. I and Cyrus are together, Where are you?”

“I am at Prof. Paresh’s house.”

“Okay we are coming.”


“What? A number registered under my name? How could it be possible?”

“Tara, the SIM Card is registered in the name of Tara Shah, which traces back to the time before your marriage with Shekhar. I am sure the number was registered by Shekhar.”

Tara, with a broken heart, had digested Shekhar’s involvement with Samantha and Paresh in drug – dealing as she knew he did it for them but the fact that he’d registered a SIM Card on her name was not so easy to digest.

She took out her cell phone and tried contacting Shekhar but he didn’t answer her call.



“Ten missed calls from Tara! God! I hope she is fine!”, Shekhar muttered.

Shekhar was unaware of Tara’s calls as he was busy playing with little Roohi.

Shekhar and Tara were so occupied by the mystery that they forgot to spend quality time with Roohi. Somewhere, they’d started neglecting her. So, he decided to play Hide n Seek with her.

Shekhar was about to call back Tara when he heard a knock on the door.

“Tara, I had received 10 ‘Missed Call’ notifications from you. Sorry, I didn’t check. I was playing with Roohi. What happened? Are you okay?”, Shekhar asked in one go.

“NO. I am NOT okay! Shekhar, when I had asked you to tell me the complete truth, why did you not tell me that you had registered a SIM Card under my name?”

“What? I am not getting you at all!”, Shekhar said resting his hand on her shoulder.

Tara’s shrugged his hand from her shoulder in much anger.

Aryan entered and narrated the entire scene, how he’d spotted Samantha in the CCTV footage, the call records, and the SIM Card registered in the name of Tara Shah.

Shekhar shook his head in shame.

“That was Samantha’s plan. She told me that if we use a SIM Card in your name, no one will be caught. Even you won’t be in a problem as your Dad was an I.P.S. officer at that time. She had influenced me. I had sneaked in with your PAN Card from your Wallet and had procured its photocopy.

When I came to meet you at your place for your Dad’s Success Party, I had managed to sneak in with one of the old electricity bills of your household. I had handed these two documents to Samantha. She used that SIM Card for drug dealing. But when I backed out from this evil plan, I had stolen the SIM Card and destroyed it!”

“Shekhar, you must have stolen wrong SIM Card! Samantha’s possession of the SIM Card under Tara’s name, her presence at Paresh’s home, all state clearly that Samantha is THE Murderer.”, Aryan clarified.

“I want you to hire a Detective to spy on Samantha 24*7!”, Aryan instructed his Junior on the phone.



“Well done Jenny! It feels good to be associated with such an intelligent lady like you, Haha!”, Lallan said laughing on the phone.

“Now tell me what the next plan is?”

“Phew… As per Samantha, we need to target Shekhar’s life – his dearest wife!”

“Tara??!! Leave her alone, she is a nice woman. We must not hurt her!” Jenny said, pleading to him.

“Villans don’t have a heart, haven’t you heard?” Lallan continued, “You have to get her to reach our Secret Hideout”.

“What? How will I? “

“That’s up to you!” Lallan said, disconnecting the call.



“Shekhar, please give me some time to deal with this revelation”, Tara said angrily, and went inside. Aryan followed, as Shekhar and Roohi looked on.

“Aryan, Cyrus and Jenny had gone to Kochi, where Cyrus had found Jenny’s diary in her drawer but Jenny at first asked him to refrain from reading it, and later, herself gave it to him to read. See this.”, Tara said handing the diary to Aryan, “I doubt that this diary is as old as per the content written in it. Look at the freshness of the ink and the pages. I want you to help us obtain a forensic report for it.”

Aryan like a detective checked the diary and agreed with Tara.

“Sure, I’ll arrange for the forensic report.” Aryan said and left.



Jennifer reached Cyrus’s place. She noticed a certain tension in the air except for Roohi, who was busy in painting.

She went near Roohi and saw the painting.

She had painted their picture – Roohi in the center, Tara and Shekhar holding her hand, Jennifer and Cyrus standing by Shekhar’s side holding each other’s hand. The Title of the painting was ‘My Perfect Family!’.

Seeing Roohi’s artistic creation, Jennifer had tears in her eyes, feeling guilty of the crime she had been committing.

“How could you do this, Jenny? Fooling the one who loves you the most. Cyrus? Hurting Tara? How could you?”, Jennifer started talking to herself.

“No matter how far you have gone on wrong road, turn back,” the optimist in Jennifer said to her.

She wiped the tears from her face and joined everyone else in the Sitting Area.

“Cyrus, the diary given by me was just to fool you. I had been influenced by Lallan!”

Cyrus, Tara and Shekhar, all were shocked by her confession.

“Yes, this is the truth. Lallan was blackmailing me for my past and he asked me to do as he said. I followed his instructions as I thought that it would be for that ‘One Final Time’ but…”

“But what?” Cyrus asked.

“But, now he wants me to help him to trick Tara so that he can hurt her too. I can’t do this! I can’t help Lallan to hurt Roohi’s mother and Shekhar’s wife. I can’t help Lallan to hurt Cyrus’s friend!”, Jenny broke down to tears.



“One mystery has been solved but it has brought along another mystery”, Aryan couldn’t help commenting, when Tara narrated Jenny’s plight to him, over the phone.

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