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What would you choose? Well groomed Or Untidy?

“You are your greatest asset. Put your time, effort and money into training, grooming and encouraging your greatest asset” TOM HOPKINS.


Well, we all know that ‘first impression is the last,’ and our first impression is judged by our personality, the ability to represent ourselves in front of others. To represent confidently in front of others Personal Grooming is must. A well groomed person is welcomed and appreciated with great respect whereas the vice verso is cursed, de-motivated, and unwelcomed by people.

A year before, I had enrolled myself in NSDC(National Skill Development Council) course, it was at that time I realized the importance of Personal Grooming. Personal Grooming does not mean to make you look like ‘Salman Khan’, ‘Arjun Kapoor’, ‘Deepika Padukone’ or any other celebrity. Personal Grooming is to keep yourself clean, healthy and presentable in front of others. Personal Grooming focuses more on style rather than fashion.

Being in the last year of graduation, we students have to face lots of campus interview. With every interview; noticing other buddies I learn more about Personal Grooming.

Well, the story starts here,

It was my first ever Interview. I was selected from my college for an interview with Tech Mahindra. There were students from many colleges who were just like me selected for the interview. We all were made seated in the hall according to our serial no. Unfortunately, I was made seated beside a zombie. Yeah a Zombie with beard! Only thing visible on his face was eyes, nose and pierced lips. He was wearing casual and a slipper of Sparx.

I was dumbstruck with his attire. Eww He looks like a depressed Devdas.. No! Devdas was much better than him. How could anyone come to interview this way!

“Hie,” he said extending his hands.

I didn’t even want to shake hands with him because he looked so scary but I did.

“Hello,” I said.

After a few conversations with him I understood how good programmer he was. I became nervous because my knowledge in programming was not even 10% when compared to his. Soon our ways got separated. I had cleared my aptitude round and technical round. Though I had given wrong answers but my confidence and outspoken nature was what he liked and selected me for the last round. Thanks to the Grooming I had learnt that helped me to be Confident!

After the final HR round we were again made seated in the hall to know the result. My eyes were searching the beard guy as I was curious to know what questions he was asked in technical round. There he was sitting on the last row with anger on his face and teary eyes. I went near him to know what happened with him.

“That HR, what does he think of himself! How could he insult me!”

“What!!” I was thinking how stupid must be the HR to insult such an outstanding programmer.

“ ‘He said, Though you are excellent in programming, but we need a human and not an alien. Your personality reflects you don’t respect us and our company, so how can you expect us to select you!’ I didn’t say anything but came outside from the room”

Obviously the HR was right! Though he should have not called him alien but his point was right. Any company would not appoint a employee who does not even care about his/her grooming.  Forgot company, who would want a friend who looks like zombie? Or who would date a guy who is not groomed well. Well if given a choice between a groomed people and vice versa, we all would select the first one.

If that guy would have shaved his beard, applied gel on his hair, wore formal and had a smile on his face I am sure he would have been the first one who would have got selected for the interview.

‘Beauty with brains’ we all have brains and what we have to learn is to make ourselves look beautiful.

Here I would like you to read few grooming tips, do read and apply to make your life better.

  1. Wear clothes that fit you. Dress to impress. Dress Smart.
  2. Have a pretty smile and that is possible when you brush your teeth twice a day. Avoid chapped lips.
  3. Comb your hair, Shampoo it twice a day to keep your hair clean and away from dandruff.
  4. Shave body hair often.
  5. Keep your nails trim and clean.
  6. Wear closed shoes. Wear clean socks.
  7. Apply a decent perfume.
  8. Stand straight. Have a good Posture.
  9. Learn to appreciate things around you.
  10. Ensure you have a fresh breath.
  11. When you handshake, make it firm and make sure to have an eye contact.
  12. Be polite while having conversations.


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