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Compromise!! Kyu Kare Hum Compromise??




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“Compromise!! Kyu kare hum compromise, hum naari hai naari jo hai sabpar bhaari.”

I was going through YouTube videos on Women Empowerment Street Play for College Competition where this dialogue had hit my chord. We are woman, we are ahead of men in every field then why only we woman have to do compromise. Or is the word ‘compromise’ made only for a woman? I have never heard a man saying, I have compromised my carrier for my family, I have compromised my standard of living for my wife and blah blah but we woman compromise every time for family, for friends, for husband, for children and for this world.

It’s a high time now, we woman’s should stop compromising.

Being in Girls College, I have seen many examples of girls who said no to compromise and lived their live on their own. I have also seen in my society, how women’s have empowered themselves. Out of the women’s there was one super woman who has left a great impact on my life.


Five years back, she was sitting on the seat of our society’s playground. I and Purvi, along with our mothers went down to play. She was weeping and her cheeks were red. My mom and Aunty went near her.

She got scared and went inside our wing. Oh yes! She was staying in the same wing of ours. My mom and aunty got details about her and they went to her place. After introduction and the concern on my mom and aunt’s face had brought a tear of smiles on her face and she narrated her story to them.

She was a ranker in her class, but in eight grades she got married and her education came to an end. Her parents had lied her that she can continue her education at her in-laws place. For her parent’s happiness, she made a compromise to study later. At her in-laws place, she again made a compromise to halt her studies and give them happiness by doing all household chores. At the age of 16, she delivered a baby boy and again her education was compromised as she had to raise him up. She was fond of dancing. Dancing was her passion but her husband didn’t approve this passion of her and she compromised her dream of being a choreographer just to keep her husband happy. Time passed by and she became a mother of second child. She again thought of asking her husband, if she could do some work from home that will keep her busy and help his husband financially stable, she was slapped by her husband. He said, “You are woman and you are meant to do household chores. Don’t try to become man of the house”.

She asked my mother and aunty, if worlds all husband are same or if it’s in her fate to compromise throughout her life.

“All men’s are same at one point of time but it all depends on you whom you make the in charge of your life. It’s your life, follow your heart and when you’ll become successful, this man will be shameful for his attitude.”

She had filled private forms and completed her tenth and twelfth grades secretly. Now it was the time to study further. She told his husband that she wants to study and do some work. Her husband was about to slap her when she stopped him and gave him a tight slap saying, “No more compromise for your happiness, Be in your limits or else I’ll have to call the police.” At that moment her journey from “OR” to “AND” had started. She left her husband’s house. With her savings, she took a house on rent, admitted herself to college with the help of scholarships, did part-time job that will help to feed her and children. When she completed her studies, she took dance classes and started her own Dance Academy. She is also a member of Oriflame. By selling oriflamme products, she earns good income that helps her in savings.


#UseYourAnd  and say No to Compromise. Remove ‘OR’ and Replace with ‘AND’. Follow your heart.


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