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It Happens For A Reason




About the Author:

Preeti Shenoy, is among the best-selling authors in India (Source Nielsen scan) weaves magic with her words and pictures. An extremely talented and versatile individual, her Twitter bio reads:
“Best-selling Author, Artist specializing in pencil portraits, Poet, Yoga-Buff, Ex-basketball player, Blogger, Dobe-owner, Nature lover, Ted X speaker and a Mother.”

About the book:



“There are some truths you should never say. No matter how much it bothers you, no matter how much you want to blurt it out, no matter how important you think it is to say it, it is best buried, suppressed, killed. Saying the truth out loud will only cause pain so lacerating, so wounding that it will be impossible to heal.”


This is the second time, I have read Preeti Shenoy’s work and I must say that her book apart from love stories also teach us some important lesson. Though this book is not on dogs, but Preeti’s love for dog that has been portrayed in the book did melt my heart. I have decided if I can’t love them at least I won’t hate them and abuse them. Coming back to the book, the story starts with Vee being in hospital delivering her baby at the age of nineteen years and how she strives hard to give his son a quality life. When she is on a dinner at her friend’s place meeting an unknown guy, an accident occurs at her Paw-Factor. Here a new chapter starts with Dr.Saurabh and then she recollects about her past, about Ankush, about the love they made, about her pregnancy, about her life, friends and parents. One fine day, Ankush his past and his son Aryan’s dad come back in their life and how they start a new journey of their life.


Every book imparts something in us, and so was this book. 1. It taught what real friendship is through Suchi and Manav. 2. Whatever happens with us, it happens for a reason. 3. We people have a habit to hold things but we should let it go. Things will automatically fall in place. 4.  Vee’s parent had never cared for her this is what she taught throughout her life. For them their status was more important than raising a child; with the birth of Aryan, Vee’s dad understood the love for a child but for her mother her social status was important. At the end, when she lose her mother she comes to know the reason behind her mother’s behavior. Parents must say how much they love children at least once in their life so that they don’t start hating them.


Though the story started with a slow pace, some chapters were little boring but overall it was a good read. Her love for nature and dogs is highly appreciable 🙂


The title of the book is really catchy, ‘It Happens For a Reason.’





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