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Ramayana- The Game of Life #2 (Shattered Dreams)


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About the Author:


Shubha Vilas has a Bachelor in engineering degree in Electronics and Telecommunications along with L.L.B (Specializing in Intellectual Property Law).

His career began with the Tata Group and later he moved to an international law firm in Bangalore.

He then decided to serve the society at large by donning various hats.

Writer. Motivational Speaker. Spiritual lifestyle coach. Advocate for the God conscious lifestyle – a spiritually aware and value-centric way of living in today’s scientifically oriented, technology driven, urban world.


About the Book:


I must thank Blogadda, because of them I have started reading books of different Genre. Reading a Mythology was never in my category. No matter how much I tried to understand but my concept never got cleared but this book has surely changed my perception regarding Myhtology novels.


Since childhood Lord Rama and Sai Baba are my favorite Messenger because of their selfless service and their divine qualities that I have seen on Television. I have also read Ramcharitramanas but as I said before my concepts were not cleared. Since I have read the second part of Ramayana The Game of Life, the very thing I am going to do is order the first part.

Shattered Dreams is the sequel to the book, Rise of the Sun Prince. The story starts with Dasratha’s fear and deciding to make Rama the King of Ayodhya, Ravan’s cruel nature description, various stories about Ravans ego, Manthara changing keykai’s mind, Rama’s Vanvas, the starting journey of Rama, Sita and Lakshman.

Yeah the same we have read in Ramcharitramanas and have watched in TV serials ‘Ramayan’. What makes this book different is that along with the story Subha Vilas has also described how to live a healthy life through his footnotes written at the bottom of page.

He has described about the triple virtues that a great man should have, how to consider every aspects before taking any decisions, Importance of healthy relationships and good communications, the four principles one should follow and the four bad attitude one should refrain from, How to see good in everything- be it person, situation, or anything. How one should be responsible, How one should show the greatness of other object like Rama, the four gems, six solutions to success and management mantras.

This book keeps you hooked up, every page of the book teaches us a lesson. A Lesson that everyone should apply in their life. Every time you read the same chapter, you will get a different meaning out of it.

This book teaches you the quality of self sacrifice, hardship, value of promise, pleasing god and not ego and so on.

Few thoughts that I loved the most are:

Confidence is the key to all locks, but overconfidence is the lock to all doors. Confidence leads to inspiration, but overconfidence leads to perspiration.

An unprotected and unpredictable mind is like an open pot of nectar. One blob of poison dropped into it will ruin all the nectar.

Trying to enlighten fool is like trying to soften a bamboo by pouring milk over it.

Diplomacy with selfless motives is necessary for love to develop between people. But when diplomacy is laced with selfishness, people use and manipulate other people and love material thing.

Convenience is about changing the law to suit your life, but maturity is about changing your life to salute the law.

If committing a mistake is a higher act of shamelessness than accepting the mistake, then why does one feel ashamed while accepting and excited while committing?


Shubha Vilas Sir, take a bow!

A must read book that guides you in every phase of life.

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