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Your Dreams are Mine Now




About the Author: 

Ravinder Singh is the best-seller author. His I too had a love story has touched million hearts. Till date, he has written four novels : ‘I Too had a Love Story’, ‘Can Love Happen Twice’, ‘Like It Happened Yesterday’ and ‘Your Dreams are Mine Now’. He has also edited ‘Love Stories that touched My Heart’. Ravinder Singh says, he is an author by chance. He has worked as a Project Manager at Microsoft and now he has taken writing as a full time profession.

About the Book:

I really loved the marketing strategy used by Ravinder Singh for his current novel. He has started #YDAMN Book Review Challenge and with this strategy he is gaining many readers.
So I was nominated by Arjun Iyer and Rupali Tyagi (Co incidentally by Rupali and Arjun :P) for the review of Your Dreams are Mine Now by Ravinder Singh
Here it is:

‘Maa mujhe jeena hai’
By the time you complete the last page of the book, you’ll find yourself in tears remembering the Damini (Nirbhaya) incident. The novel ‘Your Dreams are Mine Now’ is not only a beautiful love story but through this book Ravinder Singh has highlighted all the malpractices going on in India and also the injustice on woman.
Rupali, a brave girl from Patna who stood up for Raheema against Mahajan, helped Arjun’s team by showing them ways to win the elections. But who knew speaking against Mahajan will make her suffer from brutal end of the life!
Arjun whose mission was to remove reservation system, student union elections were his first priority. Who knew he would fall in love with simple and courageous Rupali and who knew their one action against Mahajan will take away Rupali forever from his life!
Once again, Ravin’s book gives an awesome glimpse of love.
Things that I liked in book:
1. Innocent Love story of Rupali and Arjun. Their chats and debates at different places of Delhi.
2. Confession of Rupali in the simplest way and Arjun’s emotions conveyed through the line ‘Your dreams are mine now’
3. Descriptions of characters were brilliantly portrayed.
4. The best thing in Ravin’s work is the notes that he writes in between (I am taking about chapters in Italic font). Those notes always touch the heart. They make you smile, cry and experience all kinds of emotion. I love Ravin for writing such notes that make his work totally different.
People think the story is exactly similar to Damini’s case. Its true after all every novel is inspired by a true story. It is not only inspired by Damini’s case but also by injustice on other woman’s that have gone unheard.
Cheers! YDAMN.





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2 thoughts on “Your Dreams are Mine Now

  1. The story is fiction based but the concept behind this is non-fiction. May be the story make us cry at the end of the story but it also create a anger in our mind. Author tried to bring the crucial point of our society through his writing. today’s youth can stand for this. and what actually author tried to tell it may reach to the youths of our country. Love,dreams,protest everything is there but most important things in this story is awareness about rape case in our country and pledge for fulfill love one’s dreams.

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