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Enough Is Enough!

Okay so this guy Nirbhay Kamothi has messed up with a wrong person!

So now if you don’t accept someone’s request, they use such foul language to scare girls..

This bastard was messaging me to add him continuously and when I told I don’t want to have such friends in my list he took the conversation somewhere else

And when I said i’ll take screenshot of it and post everywhere he blocked me… but I got his link from other id!

Ridiculous people!


Few people suggested me to change my privacy setting? But will my changing of privacy settings change his mind?

Few told me that I should have blocked him in the first place? If I would have blocked him was there any guarantee, he would not talk this way with any other girls?


Enough is Enough! Social Media is a boon to us, Let’s use it in a right way! Social Media can either make a person or  break(destroy) them. Instead of ignoring their conversations, blocking them lets share their reality to the world.

Let people fuck his dignity and self-respect!


Girls who operate facebook, don’t just ignore such shitty behaviors by such morons. Share it on your wall, share it on pages.. tag such bastard and let people fuck them up!

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2 thoughts on “Enough Is Enough!

  1. You did the right thing…actually no punishment is given in India even if one is found guilty of a crime, so people like these get stronger with these abusive habits. We need tough laws.

    Imagine trying doing this in US, he will be screwed.

    1. Thanks Alok Singhal. 🙂
      Yeah since there is no punishment for such idiots, we can use this social media and make them feel guilty for their actions!

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