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Every Person Who Enters in Your Life Changes You!

He left me on the same day we had met,

Our meeting was different and so was our break-up.

He left me as if we had nothing between us,

He left me so easily as if he never loved me,

He left me without realizing how my life will be without him…

I was there begging him to not leave me like this,

I was pleading to him to take his decision back,

I was asking him to love me which I guess, he never did.

Life is really strange, some days are good and some days are bad, some people touch our heart and there are some people whom we never want to meet again.  Some people come in our life like a rain, helping us to grow like a plant and leave us like a wind destroying us.

Yes, he was like a rain, For me he was always like a first rain that always brought a cheerful smile on my face, He was a rain full of hope. With him I had seen various phases of life. He taught me how lovely a love can be, he taught me how pure the meaning of love is, even though he later taught me the pain that one receives in love.

When he left me, I thought my life is a waste. Depression was my best friend, tears were my food, silence was my answer to every questions. At bedtime, I would toss and turn, cry thinking what went wrong that he had left me. Failing in tests, not attending lectures, arguing with teachers and friends was what I used to do.

Days passed and I was still a depressed girl. I was not the same girl before; I was a bubbly girl spreading laughter all around but during that phase everyone called me ‘sad soul’. I started hating myself for hating my life, I felt like leaving this world and becoming a star.

“You are worthless, See how he left you!”

“What will you do without him?”

“It must be your mistake, that’s why he left you!”

“You look so miserable without him!”


This stop was the beginning of #StartANewLife .

Every bad day comes to an end, and so was this phase.


His parting had left a great impact on me, that I thought he is more important than my life.

I had stopped talking to my friends, parents, and everyone around, why because he left me. My life is priceless, how can I compare my life with a person. I was on the verge of suicide, how could I forget my parents who gave me birth and raised me up. I started arguing with friend, how I could forget how I gave them lectures on what Life exactly is.

That’s when I took a decision, decision to become like what I was before and change for better. I started being happy, of course it was not easy but it was not that hard because I had made up my mind to change! I started reading articles on dealing with heart break and I also did apply. I started writing diary that helped me to flush out all the pains. I started loving myself and my life once again.

According to him, I didn’t deserve to be introduced to people because his friend taught he was dating a boy!

I changed not for him but for myself. I am still a tom boy but depending on the situation. I have learnt to present myself as per the requirement of the situation. I have learnt to have multiple personality but have the same ethics and morals every time.

Today, I am sure; the person whom I’ll date next will feel proud to introduce me!

Today when I look back, I understand that if he would have not left me- I would have not realized the importance of the life.


“Every person who enters in your life changes you- Change can be either good or bad depending on how you perceive it.” loves change-good change!



Rekha Mishra

Blogger. Dreamer. Enthusiast. Learner. I love to laugh and share the laughter with the world.

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