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People Who Taught Me To Be Optimist! #together

“You cannot be 24*7 times optimist; there are times when things go wrong and you feel low, there are times where you are not confident on yourself, you lose faith when some worst incidents happen in your life. Even if you want to be optimist you cannot! You try hard, read books on positive thinking, you watch videos, listen songs but nothing works!”

Even I have been through such phase where I literally tried hard to be optimist but all the steps that I took went in vain.  When I had lost all hopes in myself at that time there were few people who brought me back my optimist attitude.

Well, there are many times and many people whom I look up for optimism.


My Jiju – Mahesh Mishra:

I always had a negative perception regarding my parents. I always thought that they scold me because they don’t love me. For me they were partial- always giving my sister priority over me. Life was worst for me during my school days; their biased attitude (according to me) was the reason behind my low performance. I started scoring low. Though after my boards result my dad was the one who changed my perception regarding faith and God, though he helped me to remove my negative perception regarding life and helped me to adopt the attitude of gratitude- for me he was still partial sometimes and seriously their behavior was making me less confident. Then my cousin got married to Mahesh Mishra. He had noticed how I was pessimist when it came to my parents and this man whom I proudly call my best Jiju; his company, his words, his behavior toward his parents had changed me. His examples, his talks, his long hours talk- had changed me. He made me realize that my parents are my biggest asset that I am blessed with. Its not that I find them unbiased now, but what I do is I see their this behavior with a new dimension- by being positive and work on it.

My sister- Khushbu Mishra:

When we were kids, we shared the relationship of enemies more than that of sister. We used to hide things from each other, fight with each other and not talk to each other for days. But when we started gaining maturity, we realized how strong the relationship of a sister is. Things changed between us; today we are both each other’s inspiration and support. When things don’t go the way it is supposed to be, when I feel low- she doesn’t advice me rather she embraces me into a tight hug and that hug rejuvenates me! That hug gives me the message that “I am always with you in your good and bad times.” That #togetherness brings back the optimist in me. When my friend ran away with her boyfriend, when her mother got me into trouble that time her faith and hug had brought back the hope in me that everything will be fine.

My neighbor –Purvi:

This girl is 5 years younger to me but she is double matured than me. I never share tears with anyone except her and so does she. We share everything with each other. I remember when I was going through heart- break, every day I and she used to go down for a walk. She would say nothing rather listen my complaints and pains.  After our walk, she would make me sit on the bench and calm me down by giving example from Sharukh Khan’s movies.  She used to say we deserve guys like Sharukh, and if you want a dream boy like Sharukh don’t cry. Be happy at least you have learnt to differentiate between Sharukh(hero) and villain. She would take me to ice cream parlor to make me happy and she would spend whole day with me just to ensure that I have a friend like her who loves me to the moon and back. Some days, she would come to my place for a night-out to check if I don’t cry at night because of heart-break.

My friend- Hina:

She believes in me more than myself. When I have a self-doubt, she makes me see my qualities through her eyes. You need that one friend, who can fight with anyone just for you and so is she. You need that one friend who always finds out good qualities in you no matter how bad you are and so is she. You need that one friend who makes your dreams their and so is she. You need that one friend who is just a call away from you and so is she. You need that one friend whose priority is to keep you happy and do anything just to keep you happy and so is she. I meet her as a self-doubted person but she makes me a confident girl! I am her world and that’s makes me feel happy. I have to be optimist not only for me but also for her because except me she is pessimist for most of the things, so its my job to show her the way of optimism.


Not only these people, every single person in my life have motivated me to choose optimism and look up. Their faith in me has made me optimist. And I would really thank each one of them.

Special thanks to Saif, Richa, Sanmeet ,Naina, Anjali, Dinesh, Nidhi and Sumit.


“Sometimes to bring back optimism in your life, you just need time and care of loved ones”.

Do share in comment, who gives you strength and motivation to be an optimist? It is the company that matters more than advice. Share your story with #together.



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4 thoughts on “People Who Taught Me To Be Optimist! #together

  1. Inspiration is required to boost the optimism inside us time to time. I usually lack the company of optimistic people so I found the movies like “The persuit of happiness” and “the forest gump” help me inspiring the spirit inside me. Novel books also do the same.
    At this moment the particular post inspired me!

    1. Thank you Vishal 🙂

      What I meant to say is sometimes no book helps you gain optimism, at that time only love of closed ones is needed…

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