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The Amazing Racist


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About the Author:

Half English, half Tibetan, Chhimi Tenduf-La grew up in Hong Kong, London, Delhi and Colombo, where he now lives with his wife, Samantha and daughter, Tara. The Amazing Racist is his first novel. His second novel will be released later this year.


About the book:

The last sentence of the book will surely land any readers into tears. When I had closed the book, I could actually see the trailer of the novel in front of me.  It’s surprising that a funny and hilarious novel can make you cry at the end! The cover picture and the tile actually seem to have no relation unless you read the book. The Amazing Racist is the best book that I have read so far. This book covers all the emotions brilliantly. The story is about a Colombo guy Eddie who is in love with a Sri Lankan woman ‘Meneka Rupasinghe’. Eddie tries hard to convince Meneka’s dad who is and orthodox. Tilak Rupasinghe, Meneka’s Dad wanted her daughter to marry a guy of the same race, religion, country and skin.  To convince him for the marriage he many weird things like- driving like a drunkard through the red lights, sleeping with the snakes, eating curries that made him bleed spice and so on.  Finally, they both got married but Tilak Rupasinghe  still hated the White skin guy ‘Eddie’. The first part of the story is quite common; you can say ‘Har ghar ki khahani’.  But the second part is intriguing. The second part of the story deals with Meneka giving a baby girl and then getting busy into her work so much that she doesn’t have time for her daughter, husband and father. It shows how Eddie and Tilak’s bond gets stronger with ‘Kiki’ (Eddie and Meneka’s daughter) entering in their life. They both filled the gap of her mother and how they argued on every matter related to Kiki. Their relation was like neither they can live together nor without each other. Then comes the separation part, where Meneka decides to part away from Eddie and Kiki as she feels she no more loves Eddie and is in a relationship with her cousin Gayan. Eddie asks for second chance in their life but Meneka rejects it. The patrogonist  Meneka’s nature is so selfish that she tries to use Kiki to get the wealth of Rupasinghe. Eddie does everything to keep her life ‘Kiki’ with him. Mr. Tilak Rupasinghe who once had fought with cancer was again diagnosed with cancer and then his painful yet funny and hilarious journey has been described. Caroline coming in the picture and becoming a part of their Eddie, Kiki and Rupsinghe is touching.  At the end of the book Tilak’s real nature has been described that will melt your heart. His death was again painful as his funny, aggressive and hilarious dialogues plays in your mind. The best part of the book is, how after Mr. Rupasinghe’s death Eddie misses him a lot despite his abuses, mocking and finding fault in everything Eddie did.

Coming to the writing style, the author has described each character very nicely and they look real. His writing is simple and interesting that helps you to picture every scene in your mind. Tilak Rupasinghe and Kiki are my favorite characters from the book. The dialogues in the books can actually make you laugh when you are crying and it can make you cry when you are laughing.

I am sure; Chhimi Tenduf-La will have a great career in writing. Good Luck to the author!



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  1. Thanks for this amazing review. I only just found it and it made my day. I love the bit where you said it can actually make you laugh when you are crying and it can make you cry when you are laughing. That’s a fantastic line. Thanks so much, and continued good luck with this wonderful blog.

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