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Transformation from Pessimist to Optimist (Look Up Stories)

“Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence.– Helen Keller.
Yesterday, I was watching the famous comedy show, ‘Tarak Mehta ka Ooltah Chasma’; Bhide had finally got the number plate for his bike. But everyone including him, perceived the number in a wrong way. The number that Bhide’s bike had been allotted was ‘MH-02-AB-420’. So, this guy Bhide was a teacher and in Hindi 420 means cheater or liar. So everyone had perceived the number plate in a wrong way.

‘How can a teacher have such a number plate on his bike? What will people think about Bhide? Everyone will make his fun’. This 420 number plate had created havoc in the society. That’s when Bhide’s daughter came back to home from her tuition classes. She saw everyone gathered down for the inauguration ceremony of the number plate. She saw the number plate and she was extremely happy. When her dad, declared he’ll never use this bike that’s when her words had struck Bhide.

“Daddy, this number is lucky for us. AB mean your full name Aatmaram Bhide, 4 is your birth date, 2 is mom’s birth date, 20 is my birth date, and the addition of 4 2 and 0 is 6, the day when you and mom had met for the first time.”

A coin has always two sides; Heads or Tails. This case is similar on how you perceive things. One is being optimistic and other is being pessimist. Problems are in everyone’s life, what matter is how you perceive the problem.

This incident had taken me to the flashback of my Transformation from Pessimist to Optimist.




I was so much confident for my 10th Boards result; I was expecting 80+ in boards. The day of results came and I had only scored 66.56%.

“You never want me to be happy, with your wish I could have got good percentage, you don’t love me… People say you are the supreme, you can do anything but you didn’t help. I hate you God!” this was how I used to shift the blame from me to God.

I had completely forgot, God has created us but we are the in-charge of our lives. I didn’t really study for my boards and I was expecting God to give me good marks! Sigh.

My blaming to God kept on increasing for every small thing.  After reading the novel ‘I too had a Love Story’ I had really stopped believing in God. Be it fighting with friends or family, or not getting the things that I desired, for me God was always on ‘black list’.

I stopped praying, visiting temples. That’s when my dad asked the reason and I told him everything.

“Let’s do one thing. Make a journal and write every single thought that comes to your mind,” my dad said and I did the same.

One day, I along with my family went to ISKCON. Waiting for the arrival of the train on the platform of the station, I saw a boy. He was 2-3 years younger to me. He didn’t have one leg, he was blind by one eye but one thing he had and I didn’t – It was a charming smile.


“How can you smile, you are handicapped, you are half blind, at such young age you have to work and you are still smiling?” I asked that boy.

The reply that came from him had hit me hard.

“Thanks to God at least I have one leg; I have two hands to work. Some people are blind by two eyes, they cannot see the world but I am lucky, I have one eye and I can see everything. I have a good life; I earn and fulfill my necessity. God has been so grateful to me!”

Whole day, I kept on thinking in spite of being unfortunate, he still found himself fortunate enough.

‘How could he?’

Later in the evening, my dad had asked me to bring the journal and he read my thoughts loudly. I felt ashamed; my thoughts were full of complaints! Complaints from parents, friends, God and myself!

My dad removed a copy of ‘Bhagvad Gita’ and handed it to me!

Since then I started reading it! Few shlokas I understood and few I didn’t but there is something magical in that book as it had changed my way of perceiving things.

Not only did the ‘Bhagvad Gita’ but various articles on positive thinking, ‘The secret’- novel, person I meet have changed my views.

In my twelfth boards, I did score 72% with hard work. Because I understood that if I myself don’t work hard, God too won’t help me.

I keep on reading various novels, spiritual books to live my life in peace. If I am at peace, it surely means I have adopted the life of an optimist.

I didn’t get selected for the final rounds of ‘Tejaswini’ (SNDT UNIVERSITY Competition), Instead of being upset I was happy because I knew someone deserves much more than me.

Slowly and steadily, I have realized that everything that happens happens for Good.

I took BCA to work with Ravinder Singh but when he turned into full time author, I didn’t regret to take BCA as my further studies. I believe this was the best decision I have ever taken in my life. This decision of mine has helped me to know more about me, my strength and my weakness, meeting new people, guidance of my seniors, love of my juniors trust of my teacher and to develop my skills in extracurricular activities.

Recently, my sister lost my only gold ring with diamond embedded on it… My mom dad were scolding here for her irresponsibility but I was balanced, because I know there’s someone who need that ring more than me, that’s why it got lost. God surely knows the best!



“Optimism is all about having faith in yourself, having faith in the Creator, seeing good in everything and encouraging yourself and others and having a strong hope in everything you do.”


“Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.” – Dr.Seuss


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  1. To begin with I am not an optimist, I am a realist who will by logic see the glass half full. As per faith in God, I have more faith in myself. I say things are not good and this is where it will start to get better. Your post touched my heart….

    Keep Spreading the cheer!!

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