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Me and My Neighbor’s #WashBucketChallenge

Last night, I and my neighbor Purvi had a night out at my place. We watched ‘Darr’ movie of Sharukh Khan, clicked selfies, did gossiping and then at around 3 am we finally decided to have a goodnight sleep. This morning, when I opened my eyes, I saw my dad getting ready like usual day. Oops! I forgot My Dad doesn’t have holiday on Sunday.


“Dadddddddddddd….,” I screamed on top of my voice.

My voice had waked up Purvi too.

“What? Did you get cramps or you saw bad dreams?” he asked. I always call my dad to save me from cramps and bad dreams in my sleep. After all, all dads are superheros right?

“You forgot!” I said with disappointment in my voice.

I saw my mom doing dusting and then I diverted my eyes back at dad who was combing his hair.

“What? What did I forget?”

“You were supposed to take a challenge today!”

He stopped combing his hair and turned back giving me a sarcastic look.

“Are you serious? Have you gone crazy? Laundry is your mother’s job not mine!” he said.

“Dad, Oh really, you lecture a lot on equality. When women do everything that men can do then why can’t men do what women can do? Cummon Dad!”

“Leave it beta, your father is a stereotype who believes household chores is only a woman’s job,” my mom screamed from the kitchen.

“Dad, I am not asking you to cook food, I know it’ll be a mess for you. See, mom is not doing well since many days; still she gets up in morning without any complaint. She prepares breakfast, she does dusting, when our maid who takes leave for more than 10 days in a month she does her job too. With that, she washes clothes, prepares lunch and dinner. I go to college; I am not at home to help her. Every night you scold her for doing all house chores on her own. Dad, scolding, getting angry on her is a waste of time. Even you know if she doesn’t do all this, our house and our life will be a mess! Just share the load with her, Remember when you got married to mom, you promised her parents that you’ll share good and bad everything with her? Then why don’t you share the load? It’s just that you need to take only one small task, i.e washing clothes. And you don’t have to literally wash clothes manually; you have to do it with the help of Washing Machine and Ariel Matic.”

“Fine. I’ll do. I’ll help your mom by sharing the load with her. I’ll take this Wash Bucket Challenge but I don’t know what to do. “

“I am here to teach you, come!”

I took him to the bathroom, told him to pick up the clothes that were in bucket which was supposed to be washed and put into washing machine.  He followed my instructions.

IMG-20150403-WA0022 Then I handed him the ‘Ariel Matic’ powder and told him to put the little powder into the machine.  IMG-20150403-WA0023


Then I taught him how to start the machine.

“Its so easy, I can do it every day,” dad said with a wide smile as if he has achieved a trophy in some competition.

“Yes dad, Its easy. It requires less than 5 minutes and I am sure you can remove this much time to help mom.”

“I can, I will and I must do it. You said right, When I talk about equality, I should actually imply it. Equality is not only limited to education and job, it also includes other aspects and house chores is one of them.” He said patting my back.

My mother and neighbor Purvi were so happy with the change in my dad’s attitude. Dad left home as he had to go to shop. He saw my neighbor’s door open. He asked me and Purvi to accompany him. We went inside Purvi’s house and saw Prabhakar Uncle (Purvi’s dad) sipping tea and reading some Kannad News Paper.

“Arey Mishraji, Come Inside, Vanita bring tea for him.”

“No! No I already had my breakfast. I took #WashBucketChallenge and want you to take it.”

“What is it?” he asked us to detail him about it.

“Uncle, Ariel has come up with a nice initiative that is #ShareTheLoad by taking #WashBucketChallenge because Laundry is not only a Women’s job,” I said.

My dad repeated my words that I had said him with his masala, he and Purvi had influenced Uncle to take the #WashBucketChallenge every day.

I handed him the ‘Ariel Matic’ packet and Purvi taught him how to do it. Post this challenge, Prabhakar Uncle and Dad were happy because now when their wives will taunt them that Men’s cannot do household work then can actually win the conversation by reminding them that they do Laundry Work.



So this was how, I and My neighbor took the #WashBucketChallenge. Every husband should help his wife, and every son should help his mother to #ShareTheLoad by taking the #WashBucketChallenge.


This post is a part of the #WashBucketChallenge activity at in association with Ariel India





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