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“Oh! Indian government is responsible for the bad roads in the country!”

“Dhoni’s captaincy proved bad for the semi final round.”

“Anushka Sharma is responsible for Virat’s wicket!”

“A girl got raped, it’s her fault! She must have seduced the guy by her dressing style!”


Post the match, there was havoc on various social networking sites. My timeline was filled with tweets and status on blaming Anushka for Virat’s wicket and other cricketers for losing the match.

It had hurt me… The news and tweets had disappointed me so much that I am here writing my take on “Why India is still a developing Country or I must say still a backward country!”

India is backward because we Indians actually change our colors like chameleon. Before match there were many people who actually challenged Indian Team. According to such people, “If India won even two matches that will be more than expectation”. Indian Team accepted the challenge and proved those people wrong by winning seven consecutive matches.  When they won, people changed their color: Hash tag like #WeWontGiveIt Back was used to cheer them up.  In my college itself those who had challenged Indian team changed their colors by saying: We knew India’s going to win. Time came for semi finals and unfortunately India loss the match. What happened then?

Slang languages were used to show their disappointment with the Cricket Team.

People started cursing cricketers whom once they called ‘superstars’. They started giving their suggestions on how Dhawan should have played, how Dhoni should have been more responsible when it was their bowling time.  Playing cricket in school is different and representing India in World Cup is different.  I am sure that many of them who were giving their perception have never played cricket in their life. Arnab questioning on Indian team’s hardwork was indeed a shameful act. Arnab questioning Anushka’s presence and people blaming Anushka were actually lame and ridiculous.

India is backward because we are two face personalities. On one hand we show our grief on India’s daughter and on the other hand we Insult India’s daughter to a great extent. Like seriously, Anushka’s presence in the match was the reason behind Virat’s wicket? Huh! Didn’t you notice Anushka was shocked just like us when Virat got out?

Kamal R Khan tweeted that one should stop watching Anushka’s movie! As if it was Anushkha who went on the ground and told Virat to get out! She was watching the match just like us. What was her fault? People like Arnab, Kamal R Khan and Ram Gopal Verma are disgrace to our country! They are indeed #2RsPeople.

Yesterday it was Anuskha Sharma’s insult and today it’s Deepika Padukone and Kim who got insulted by India Today!18919_350822361785683_9199705164948347985_n



Whoa! See how we are empowering women!

“See the South African players and see ours?”

“See foreign country’s road?”

“Other countries government are responsible not like ours!”

India is backward because we compare our country with others. They compare celebrities too but forget to compare themselves with the foreigners.

“Foreigners don’t spit on roads, they don’t litter on roads. Do they?”

“Foreigners are broad minded unlike us!”

People please just peep inside your house and see what’s wrong before questioning or blaming others.

India is backward because they ban things that are actually not worth banning but they don’t ban things that should be banned compulsorily!

I am sorry, if my words hurt you but India is backward because of the cheap media who sell themselves for money and High TRP’s.

Times Now wanted to gain TRP, they did gained with a tight slap on their faces. I am actually happy with the incident that happened yesterday because it united many people and few of the realized their take on Anuskha and Indian Team was wrong. Moreover Respect for Indian Team had increased till the sky! But yes we do need to stop blaming and comparing and start accepting in order to become a developed country and its developed citizens.

Only Modi or any government will not be able to develop India unless we change our mindsets. Grow up People!  Show some dignity by respecting each other.









Rekha Mishra

Blogger. Dreamer. Enthusiast. Learner. I love to laugh and share the laughter with the world.


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