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Before I Die!

Death is uncertain. It can come to anyone at any point of time. Whenever I see death around me I always wonder, how I should die. Before I die, I want to touch heart of everyone around me.  Well, I really don’t know my last date on the earth but yes I do know what I have to do before I die.


To connect myself with God:

I believe that there is heaven, hell and God. I believe that we get heaven or hell on the basis of our ‘Karma’. Be it Bhagwad Geeta, the Holy Quran or the Bible – every book has given us a very important message, that the life on the earth is a test.  The sole purpose of one’s life is to connect with God. If we don’t achieve this then I feel our life is a waste.

To work with Ravinder Singh:

Yes, I am a crazy fan of this author and I want to work with him before I die.  Working with him is not only my dream but also my passion.

To see the beautiful world:

I love travelling. It is when I travel, I actually feel happy to see the beautiful creation of the almighty and humans. I want to tour world.

To open a women’s restaurant:

I have never seen a women working in a restaurant in India. I always love to do things uniquely. Being a foodie and women oriented, I want to start a restaurant, where we have women from different state making unique dishes that no restaurant serves.  The restaurant will be by the women, of the women and for everyone.

To make a life:

God gives us life and we are the one who make our life. I also believe apart from making our life, we can make others life too.  I want to adopt mentally ill kids who are forbidden by their family and make their life a beautiful journey.

To spread happiness:

This is what I have been doing till now and this is what I aspire to do forever- To be happy and to make others happy!

To be an inspiration:

I have so many inspirations and those inspirations inspire me to become an inspiration for someone.

To become an author, film writer and a successful blogger:

I want to write books in every genre, I want to make film that wins an Oscar or a 5 star movie. Also, I love blogging and I want to be a successful blogger.

To be a learner:

I want to be a learner forever. I want to learn more about life, I want to learn about world, I want to learn people and their different natures, and I want to learn everything that interests me.

To make my parents and India proud of me:

Every kid dreams to make his/her parents proud and so do I. I also have a dream to make my country proud of me.


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Rekha Mishra

Blogger. Dreamer. Enthusiast. Learner. I love to laugh and share the laughter with the world.

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