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Why I Love Ravinder Singh!

What happens when you are going to meet someone for the first time?

You have butterflies in your stomach, you start fidgeting, cross your fingers, blush for no reason, your heart beat races and you start chanting the name of the ‘GOD’.

What happens when you meet the same person again and again?

All the fear, anxiety, nervousness, happiness vanish away as it has become a habit.


But whenever, I meet him all the emotions mentioned above increases with every meet. I feel like I am meeting him for the first time.


Many people have asked me, “Why you love Ravinder Singh? Just for his books?”

Yes of course, His books are Primary reason why I love him. His books have made me cry for weeks, its his book that has made me believe in true love, its his books that gave me a passion to work with him. But yes I also love him for who is.

Simple. Smart. Handsome. Sweet. Genuine. Honest. Loving. Caring. Humorous. Hero.

That’s how I define him.


My Ravin Sir, doesn’t know buttering but he will still make you feel special!


There are many people who when reach the top, forget their fans but My Sir always removes time to reply, talk, click selfies and give autograph in as many books as readers wants! He doesn’t treat his fan as fan rather he treats each fan as his family member.


His voice, his eyes, his style – every time I look at them, I go more and more mad! The way he makes fun of my craziness- Aah, I land up into a different world.


The way he says, Oye-Hoye– he looks so adorable. The ways he laughs– he looks so cute.


Whenever I meet him, my happiness has no limits. I wish I could meet him every day. I know its not possible.  If  Not every day then at least once in a month!

I remember the time when many of my friends met him before me, how I used to cry and get jealous of all those girls and boys too. Nothing has changed. Today also, if I don’t meet him I cry like a small child. Today also, his one reply is enough to brighten my day.


To My Ravin Sir,

Its been just two days, I am already missing you. Mumbai is lonely without you. Sir thank you for the voice note…You don’t know your little actions actually mean a lot to me. Please tell Naga and Anjali to stop making fun of me. Since you have told Anjali, that you like her…She is teasing me continuously. And Naga is no less than her. Only Purvi is comforting me. I am unlucky to miss the chance to meet you yesterday but since I could not meet you yesterday, I have promised myself something. Hope I fulfill the promise too.  Sir thank you because of you I got friends like Naga and Anjali who are annoying, irritating, whom I get jealous when they meet you extra but are super cute, sweet, helpful and love me a lot.





Some kind of love cannot be described in words. It can just be felt. That’s how I love my Ravin Sir. Call me crazy, mad or whatever I am proud to be a Ravinder Singh fan and shall do everything to make my sir happy.



Look At my smile!How wide it is... It is only when I meet him
Look At my smile!How wide it is… It is only when I meet him
Ravin is so just perfect! And our small group is indeed a mad group
Ravin is so just perfect! And our small group is indeed a mad group





Rekha Mishra

Blogger. Dreamer. Enthusiast. Learner. I love to laugh and share the laughter with the world.

2 thoughts on “Why I Love Ravinder Singh!

  1. So adorable,well written n at so many places feelings r mutual 🙂
    wish u all d success n GudLuck sweetheart 🙂

    1. I am so glad you loved it. Also a lil jealous as our feelings our mutual in many places 😀
      Thanks sweets for your wishes 🙂

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