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You’re the password to my Life

You are the password to my life

About the Author:

Sudeep Nagarkar, residing in Mumbai, is the author of three bestselling novels – Few Things Left Unsaid,That’s The Way We Met,  It Started With a Friend Request  and Sorry You’re Not My Type. His all books are inspired from real life incidents and continue to top the bestseller charts. He was listed in ‘Celebrity Author of 2013’ by one of the biggest online portal Amazon. He was also awarded with ‘Youth Achievers award’ in 2013.

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About the Book:


Sudeep Nagarkar’s every book is unique. Each book has different story, different plot and different lessons in it. This is the fourth book of Sudeep Nagarkar that I have read, and I must say like every time this book is fantastic.

The story is about Virat, Kavya, Mahek and Rohan. Aditya narrates their story. Virat and Kavya have that kind of friendship that everyone yearns for. Kavya is full of life, fearless and she does everything that makes her happy. She doesn’t care what people think about her. Virat is her partner in crime and fun.  Kavya helps Virat to win Mahek’s heart.  Rohan is Virat’s online friend. Rohan had a breakup with his love Zoya. Destiny gives him another chance to fall in love with Riddhima. Unfortunately, Kavya loses her eye sight in an accident but Virat becomes her eyes and Mahek(his girl friend) supports him too. When things were going fine, a bomb blast snatches Virat from their life. Life becomes still, as Virat is no more with them. But later Rohan takes care of Mahek and Kavya.  At the end of the novel, Rohan comes to know that the reason behind the breakup between him and Zoya was not related to difference in religion but because Zoya was suffering from HIV.

This novel describes that Mahek (Virat’s girlfriend) was never jealous by Virat and Kavya’s friendship which does happen normally in today’s world. Infact after Virat’s death she was the one who supported Kavya like Virat did. Friendships do happen online, like that of Virat and Rohan. Riddhima’s Love for Rohan is a perfect example of ‘Love without expectation.’ Zoya’s Love for Rohan is a perfect example of ‘Thinking about your love’s future and happiness rather than yours’.

Virat had left them with lots of memories; his departure had made other friends more close to each other. His departure had taught everyone that not everything in life goes as per plan. One must be ready to face the uncertainties in life.

‘Friendship is silent, unwritten unbreakable by distance, unchangeable with time. Virat had changed their lives forever and each of them carried a piece of him in their hearts. He never defined friendship. He knew friendship meant different things to different people. He only knew of its unifying power and how it can bring people closer. He had shown everyone how friendship is the only ‘ship’ that doesn’t sink.’

Sudeep Nagarkar- I am in love with your writing J Keep Writing! Cheers.




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