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A letter to Indian Judiciary, Media, B-Town Celebrities and Common Man

Dear Indian Judiciary,


See how much chaos you have created today on social networking sites. Must be feeling proud eh? You must be thinking you did a good job by giving justice to the victim’s family of hit and run case. There are many people who are happy for the #SalmanVerdict including me. ‘Der aye par durust aye par aisi b kya deri seedhe 13 saal baad aye?’ What were you doing for the last thirteen years? Were you blind for thirteen years or were you deaf or were you dumb? Don’t you know how important is punctuality to create a good image? How can you be every time late? Kasab case late, Damini case late! Sunny Deol in his movie says right ‘Tarik pe tarik tarik pe tarik,’ you are really very lazy as you keep on postponing the case.

You know why people are sad today? Because of your late attitude! Had you given your verdict little earlier, Indians would have never lost faith in you. You know why people are angry on you today? Because there are many cases pending since decades. If you are planning to give verdict on it, please give it soon before the world comes to an end! By the way, there are many politicians who are involved in various crimes, what about them? Have you even thought to give verdict on them? People are tweeting, ‘Indian Law is above all’, like seriously? I think dirty politicians are above law! If that’s not the case then why don’t you take actions against politicians? Crimes are increasing on a high rate because they have lost faith in you and they solve their matters on their own… Indian judiciary you should too be hanged to death because you are the one who force people to commit crimes! If you have little shame left in you, improve yourself!


Dear Media,

Since freedom of speech is granted to me, doesn’t mean I can go on any height to make myself visible in crowd. Medias are the biggest asset, which if used properly can develop India and its citizens. I feel disappointed, when you create a fuss about everything. Earlier you insulted team Inida, Deepika Padukone and now on Salman Khan? Can you show some decency please? ‘Vivek Oberoi Going to Throw Party tonight!’ what kind of tweet is this? Sorry, I don’t think Vivek Oberoi can fall so down like you guys! And why all channels are creating havoc on Salman Khan’s verdict? Salman Khan has got punishment for his crime that’s it! There are various news that should be covered on news channel please focus on it!


Dear B-Town Celebrities,

To some who took stand of Salman, that’s okay! We too stand with him… but those talking that people should not sleep on footpath and ‘Kutte road pe soyenge to kutte ki maut marenge’, please keep your tongue in control Or else gift them a home because you have lot of money. Just like Salman does good deeds, you all do such good deeds and then take a stand for him! If you don’t sleep on footpath doesn’t mean you can talk nonsense! I hope the time doesn’t come when you guys have to live on foot path!


Dear Common Man,

There were some people too who were talking about not sleeping on foot path and blaming Government for not giving house to stay, how many of us have given Income tax without doing cheating? How many of us support Government when they do right?  When a common man is punished, we say ‘Why only common man and why not celebrities?’ and when a celebrity is punished, we say ‘Why only celebrities and not common man?’ We are so dual standards! We just need reasons to blame government! Crime cannot be divided as intentionally or unintentionally ‘Crime is Crime’, whoever does it should get punished. So please co-operate.


When are we going to stop this blame blame game? Rich blaming poor, Poor blaming rich. Indians blaming Government, Government blaming Politicians, Politicians blaming Situation. This way, nothing is going to happen. This will not make India. Let’s just raise our standards and our thinking.





Rekha Mishra

Blogger. Dreamer. Enthusiast. Learner. I love to laugh and share the laughter with the world.

2 thoughts on “A letter to Indian Judiciary, Media, B-Town Celebrities and Common Man

  1. Couldn’t agree more with your points! Great article…

    Especially Abhijeet’s tweet “kutte road pe…” etc just made me flabbergasted!!

    We Indians are so full of hypocrisy! We love blaming each other to shift the responsibility ….

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