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Enjoy Life with My Airtel App

“It’s a night time and you are away from your family. You try to sleep but the memories of your loved ones play in front of your eye sight. You are dying to talk with your family, you remove your cell phone to call them but you can’t talk to them as you are running with a low balance. You go outside to get your cell phone recharged but all the nearby shops are closed. What will you do?”

You will wait for morning to get your cell phone recharged and then talk to them?

Why to wait for morning to arrive? We all have smart phones with us, so why not use it to help us in such situation.

You can use the smart phones in two ways to get your cell phone recharged. Either you go on an online site to get your cell phone recharged through browser or download an application. Downloading an application is much better as you can recharge your phone anywhere and at anytime.

Did I tell you #MyAirtelApp has been launched for the Airtel Users? Now you must have the question that its similar to other recharge applications so why to download it?
Well, No the #MyAirtelApp is unique. Here are three features of this application that suits my lifestyle and I am sure it will make you go to play store and download the application.


  • ALL IN ONE: This application is a store for all in one. You can recharge your phone with talk time and internet! You can even recharge your TV DTH, you can pay bills related to Airtel. Listening to Music becomes enjoyable with this application. You can make shopping a joy with one click check out experience with the help of this application.
  • UP TO DATE INFORMATION: This Application also gives you up to date information about your talk time balance, and data balance. It helps you to keep track of low balance, low data, bill payment and due dates. It helps you keep record of past recharges and bill payments. You can also mail the bill as per your requirements.
  • SURPRISES! LOTS OF SURPRISES: This feature is one of my favorite. Like We Chat we have a Shake Option. In We Chat you shake your phone and get connected to other person who had shaken the phone at the same time. But here Airtel brings more exciting surprises for its users. When you shake a phone while using this application you get lots of offers. Why settle for less when you can get a full talktime through this application? Not only full talktime but you also get Free Data and Cash Back offers. Apart from this ‘shake’ feature, you get coupons of different zones like food, shopping, wellness, entertainment, lifestyle and many more for every recharge you do through this application. We can redeem the coupons and enjoy the services.



What are you waiting for? Click here to get more information about this application. Download this cool application to make your life easy.





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