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Kapil Dev and His #EkNayiLeague

“Put your heart and soul in any work you do and success is surely yours,” be it my teachers, my parents or my friends everyone said the same- “Dil se kaam karo!”. I have seen Sharukh acting with his heart, Indian Cricket Team playing with heart, Dad doing his work with heart.

“Okay so everyone does their work with heart.”

Hang On! I just saw something trending on Twitter. #EkNayiLeague is trending on twitter. And who started this trend?


None other than our Kapil Paaji (aka Kapil Dev), the former Indian Cricketer.


Yes, you heard it right. Kapil Dev is now on twitter, along with him he has brought something called #EkNayiLeague. I am actually amused by the tag #EkNayiLeague as this league will have a twist and different from other leagues. As per this league success will come to you only if you apply your brains and not heart.

He has posted some videos on his Twitter account regarding this League but he doesn’t disclose what this league is regarding. He wants us to guess this league. Gosh! Guessing is really a difficult task.

Aakhir Hai Kya Ye #EkNayiLeague?

In his videos, he addresses Dhoni, Sania Mirza, Kapil Sharma, Yuvraj Singh, other celebrities and technology. In his videos he says, ‘The league I am talking about cannot be played with heart Instead it requires brains’, ‘Dil Se Khela to Aapki To Googly’, and ‘Dil Se Khela to Apki Hit Wicket’. I think that this League will be online like a quiz as it requires using brains rather than heart.  I am sure this League is definitely not only about cricket like India Ka Tyohar(Indian Premier League) rather it will cover different kinds of sports. I think he’s tweet regarding his meeting with Narendra Modi is connected with this League. So as per it this league can be a main tool for developing India.  I am happy Kapil Dev is promoting Sports in India through a new innovation called #EkNayiLeague. But if it’s about only sports then why he asks Kapil Sharma to join his League? It can also be a league covering different professions. He talks about Yuvraj Singh earning 16 crores and he’s so happy about it. So I assume this League has got huge investors and the participants of this league are going to earn really huge. In his video, Kapil Dev advices Dhoni not to take retirement by narrating his story, I guess this league will be a never-ending one.

Since today they are going to launch their #EkNayiLeague, I am really excited for the time when Kapil Dev will disclose about this league. Twitter! Today I am going to spend my day with you. I am sure you guys too must be excited for the league. Till then watch the videos and keep guessing what this #EkNayiLeague all about is. You could also submit your answer on for
a chance to win Rs.1 Lakh!





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