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Meri Maa… Mumma!

“Kaha hai wo?? Usney kuch khaya ya nahi?? Itni raat ho gai abhi tak aaya nahi!!           

Hey bhagwan me 21 somvar ka upvas rakhungi bus mere bachhe ki raksha karna..          

Mere beti meri shaan hai mera beta mjhse bahut pyaar krta hai 🙂 🙂          

Bus iski tabet theek ho jayegi to me shirdi k darshan zarur karungi!! “  

It’s silly to ask this question who is she?? Because you all know she is the one and only one “Mother”. Mother’s quality and a big problem is that a child can make her superstitious!

There were many complications during her pregnancy,

Doctor had given my parents’ a choice, to choose me or my mom.

My dad opted for his wife, i.e. my mom.

But yes someone has said truth, ’the time a woman gets pregnant since then she becomes a mother. When a child is in her womb, since then her duty of a mother starts.’ She chose me over herself. This is how sacrificing a mother is. Given a choice a mother will always select her kids before her and so did she…

When my mother was pregnant, they had left their house and came to Mumbai. When I was born somehow my mother and dad purchased a house on rent so that I could not leave a ‘foot path’ life.

In childhood days, I saw everything through her eyes, she taught me to say sorry and thank you, she used to hold my hands when I was learning to walk. She taught me to eat through my own hands. She taught me to talk and she taught me to ride cycle. She cooked tasty dishes to savor my taste buds.

She kept her happiness aside and brought every possible thing that I used to demand for her. She pampered me with new clothes, new toys and new Barbie dolls. She sacrificed her TV serials so that I can watch my cartoon series. She sacrificed her hunger just to feed me.


She is uneducated, but she made sure I get educated and become something. She always taught me not to back answer and respect others. I still remember when I had taunted my neighbor and made fun of her. When she came to know about it, how much she had slapped me just because I misbehaved with my neighbor.

She is the one who bears my tantrum, sometimes I burst my anger on her and many times I back answer her; She’ll cry silently but still she is the one who’ll come to me and say- ‘Please eat food.’

My friend when she ran away with her boyfriend, all blame had come on me but she stood beside me as a strong support, she went against my dad to stand by my side as she knew I had no idea about it.


She’ll praise me in public despite of all my flaws. She accepts me the way I am; stubborn and short tempered. She is the one with whom I can my every secrets, Her warm hug is enough to calm me down. She is my every thing.

She is the reason why I exist in this world; she bore all the pains to give me a life, she was ready to sacrifice her life just to give me a chance to be a part of this world, she was the one, who taught me good and bad, and these are enough reasons to worship her till my last breathe.

My mother is my first best friend, my first love and my first ‘Guru’. Now fulfilling her desires is my wish.

Would like to dedicate a few lines from a movie for my mom,


“tu kitni achhi hai, tu kitni bholi hai,

pyaari pyaari hai,

Ooo Maa… Ooo Maaa..”

(You are very nice, you are very innocent,

Lovely you are,

Ooo Mother… Ooo Mother…)



Rekha Mishra

Blogger. Dreamer. Enthusiast. Learner. I love to laugh and share the laughter with the world.

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