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Honey-The Secret to A Healthy Body

I had tried crash diet two years back with a hope to become slim so that I can flaunt my curves like other girls. I did become slim with crash diet but with many side effects. My metabolism went down, I became lazy as I had no energy to do work, while doing workout I used to get tired in fifteen minutes only, my face looked pale as if I was going through severe illness, and my body was missing the essential nutrients like proteins, minerals, fats and vitamins. Being a foodie, when I was on a crash diet I used to crave for foods that I love to eat like ice creams, chocolate, pizza and so on as. And one fine day I couldn’t control myself and ate all the things that I craved for, for the whole week and that’s how my crash diet came to an end.

And once again I became fat and became unhealthy too. I started asking tips from every healthy people around me and all of them suggested me to start drinking lukewarm water with honey every morning.

I took their advice seriously and started drinking lukewarm water with Dabur Honey and lemon and the results are outstanding:

Not only my weight is reducing but also my metabolism is increasing, it helps me to aid digestion, my face glows and I have a beautiful skin.

And now I prefer honey over sugar as honey has lesser calories, it gets digested easily, has lower Glycemic Index, and is a source of vitamins, mineral and anti-oxidants required for healthier functioning of body.

I replace butter with honey on bread; I make green tea with honey, I eat one spoon of honey daily for better skin, better body and to become active.

I prefer Dabur Honey as it goes through strict quality checks before being processed using the advanced technology in a hygiene environment. It retains its natural properties and along with it comes good health and fitness.

I eat Pizza, Pav Bhaji, chocolates and ice-cream by following a balanced diet. Balance diet not only gives you better body and skin but also a better mind.

I make sure I eat green leafy vegetables, fruits, dairy products and plenty of water daily along with some physical activity Yoga and walking daily to follow a balanced diet.

Since I am jobless right now, I have no money to go to a nutritionist or a  dietitian and get a diet plan for me but thanks to Dabur Honey, I got an amazing diet plan with a 3 click Diet Planner. Not only this; it helped me to count calories, helped me to connect me to a dietitian, and gave me a fitness tips and online fitness and tracking tools.

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Since I love honey, the website also provides various Honey Recipes. My favorite one is Honey Chilli Cauliflower recipes. What is yours?

Do check out the website and get good diet plans for yourself along with various mouth watering Honey Recipes.




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