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Surf it All! Surf it Fast with UC Browser

For the entire week you did hard work in the office, you took less break and did more work so that you can take holiday during the biggest festival of India. The day has come for which you were waiting eagerly but what if your boss calls you immediately in office for some important work on that special day?

You have an important event in the college during the biggest festival of India. You are the one who is managing the event. You can neither miss the festival nor can you miss the event, what will you do?

No I am not talking about Diwali or Eid but it’s a more special festival. Be it a kid or adults or senior citizen, this festival is the most awaited festival. You can even miss your lunch or dinner for it. You can miss your favorite actor’s movie willingly and you can even sacrifice your precious sleep for it.


Needless to say, Cricket has become a crucial part of Indians. Indians cannot bear to miss cricket match due to whatever reasons. They can keep everything at stake to watch a cricket match; cancelling a date, bunking classes and what not! Wherever they are, they’ll make sure they get to watch cricket. When they can’t watch they’ll watsapp, call and ask the scores of the match continuously.

My Dad leaves all his work just to watch cricket and Prabhakar Uncle continuously calls her daughter to enquire about the scores and how much score did Dhoni, Virat, Yuvraj and so on made.

What if I say, you can go to your office while the match is going on? What if I say, you can manage your event and enjoy the match both at the same time? What if I say, you don’t need to leave your work and still you can watch the match? What if I say, you don’t need to call anyone and still you can be updated about the match?

Yes, it is possible. Technology has made everything possible. Now I know you have lots of complaint regarding the browser speed. Slow Internet can kill your excitement and interest for the match but did I say you, you can never miss your game with UC BROWSER?

Well, yes its true, UC Browser has updated its cricket service, the internet connection is not only fast but also it provides you with many additional benefits.

Due to multi tasking, stress and many reasons we keep on forgetting things. Sometimes, we even forget the date of the match we want to watch the most. With UC Browser, it’s really okay to forget the dates because UC Browser provides a feature that reminds you with a notification before every match. Apart from this, you can connect to wide variety of audience through the comment section. You can use emojis to express yourself to the rest of the world.



UC Browser is a one stop cricket information hub; it provides you with live scores, commentaries, videos, news, interviews, previews, stats and photos. Now you can enjoy watching cricket, be updated about it while not missing your office, bunking college and daily work.


Now I can rely on UC BROWSER for the cricket match and so can you. Install it on your phone and enjoy its services! Surf it All! Surf it Fast with #YuviSurfsUC







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