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The One Who is #madeofgreat

Do you know someone who makes you feel beautiful all the time, do you know someone who calms you down when things go wrong, or do you know some whose every action inspires you?

We all need someone to hold us, to help us rise when we fall, to help us to discover our true self.

Millions of stories inspires us but they inspire us only for one or two days. Someone has said true that motivation should be on a continuous basis.

In life we come across many people, some stay while some go. Every single person has something to teach us. What if one person keeps on teaching you new lessons every day? I guess that person is really #madeofgreat.

While reading today’s newspaper, the advertisements and the lines did remind me of someone and I am here writing about him.


I haven’t met him till yet in person but his updates on facebook and watsapp has always touched my soul. Whatever he does, whatever he writes will always inspire you.

We all have a habit of judging a person based on his her actions, looks, gestures and postures but then I found one who just accepts you the way you are. Good or bad qualities doesn’t bother him.
He spends his time in volunteering in various Ngo’s, spending time with kids, senior citizen and wherever he goes, he leaves a lasting impression on everyone. His poetry on #ajnabism will touch your heart.


He taught me, volunteering is not only helping people but also helping birds, ant and other species.

He makes me belief in myself, he is there to boost my confidence. Not only mine, but he is there for everyone who are in contact with him.

I always wanted to learn many things, wanted to do many things but always came up with many reasons of not doing it. When I found him, I was shocked that this guy is so much talented. Author, Poet, Singer, Lyricist, Painter, Social Activist and what not! He does everything that interests him and also inspire others to do that.


The only aim in his life is to help people rise and smile. Not only this he is working on a global level project for senior citizen and very soon his dream will turn into reality. He  always talks about peace and calmness. At such a young age, he also talks about spirituality.

Things are not going well in his personal life but he doesn’t let it affect his work, he just keeps on helping others through every single possible way.

He is Ashish Sharma from Delhi who in my opinion is #madeofgreat. Don’t believe me? Check out his profile on facebook; read his post and talk to him and you’ll come to know.

Ashish Sharma shows me many dimensions of life. Indeed he is #madeofgreat.


ये जो बात करते हो-चाँद पे घर बनाने की ,
इस बटी धरती को तो “एक घर ” बना के दिखाओ ,
ये जो चंद किताबों से बट से गए हो ,
खुद कभी ” इंसान ” रह के दिखाओ ,
कुचल देते हो एक रिक्त जीवन को ,
कभी जीव की तरह पैरों में रेंग के दिखाओ ,
क्या कसूर होता है बेजुबाह का ,
कभी कटी जीवा से इंसान कह के दिखाओ ,
क्यों है ये दिखावटी रंग बिरंगे खाल के ख्याल ,
कभी मासूम सा बचपन जी के दिखाओ ,
स्वीकारता हूँ गहराई समुन्द्र की बस सोच है ,
कभी खुद की लागत की गहराई माप के दिखाओ ,
ये किस बात का भय है जो लाद देते हो ,
कभी अंदरुनी घाव भर के दिखाओ ,
ये जो वादे वादे कहते हो रिश्तो के ,
कभी खुद की ख़ुशी में अंतर दिखाओ ,
प्यार कह देते हो क्षण भर में ,
कभी रोते को चुप करा के दिखाओ ,
मार दो पत्थर दुआओ को भी भले ,
पर हृदय को हृदय की परिभाषा दिखाओ ,
कल रात सिर्फ एक चीटी कुचल दी थी भीड़ ने ,
कभी अपने बच्चों को भूखे शेर को दिखाओ ,
हा सवेंदनशील हूँ पर कसूर क्या ,
कभी मेरे हालातों से झुझ के दिखाओ |


आशीष शर्मा

Do you know someone who is #madeofgreat? I would love to know about them, so please share about them through comment.

Contest for Readers:  Minimum three comments required for the contest to be valid.

So, What do you think of Tata Motors’ association with Lionel Messi?

Answer this through the comments section below and the one best answer will win an Amazon Voucher worth Rs.750. Contest ends on 26th Nov 2015 at 11:59 PM. Hurry u guys!

This blog is written for Tata Motors Contest on Indiblogger.



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9 thoughts on “The One Who is #madeofgreat

  1. This is an amazing association by two global brands – Tata Motors and
    Lionel Messi. In the minds of consumers, Tata Motors is one of the most
    reliable and trustworthy brand. Lionel Messi, itself, is the one of the
    most talented and reliable player in the field of sports and it is an
    icon for today’s youth. Thus, this association and campaign will
    certainly prove very successful as it is #madeofgreat brands.

  2. Tata Motors has earned the goodwill from giving the best and innovative Automobiles and it is also known as one the best Automobile Manufactures. And if you see the Lionel Messi , his throughout dedication, zeal , targeted goal of life and technically soundness make him big, achiever and remarkable position in the world.
    As per me, the association of Tata Motors and Messi is a grand amalgamation of two legendary entities of the world, and their amalgamation will definitely break down the clutters and affect the cut throat competition of Tata Motors. Tata motors will sure get a huge preference by the fans of Messi. This will sure make a record of Tata motors in the world of production or may be the highest selling automobiles.

    Tata motor’s main target is to give an impression on the large amount of crowd and this can be achieved only through the Messi, because the youth generation is crazy for MESSI and this can be smart move and a great achievement for Tata Motors they positioned MESSI as their BRAND AMBASSADOR .

    In the nutshell, Tata Motors , Messi joining hands will definitely give more soundness in technicality of promotional strategies and Messi’s influence will influence the audience for choosing Tata Motors and expand the business drastically.

  3. The story of a Legend in himself – that’s how I will describe it in a short sentence. Very well written with words which enhance the simplicity yet greatness of the person. Salutations and very happy for you to have got inspired and bringing out your best in life.

    My answer: Tata is a name which any and every person can rely on for its honesty, commitment and perseverance. Lionel Messi is a legend who has carved his name in history books with total dedication to the game, simple living and improvisation which is seen with each game he plays. The association of Tata Motors and Lionel Messi as their Brand Ambassador will definitely give an edge to the Tata group over its competitors solely because the brand Ambassador also holds the same reputation of not letting his fans down ever, like Tata Motors who have given the best to the world over the decades. Its an exemplary association par excellence.

    You can choose my answer as the Voucher winning comment if you feel I described it all well.. 🙂 Please remember to post it on the Indiblogger contest page today as soon as you have 3 comments here..

  4. Indeed a nicely written post. I wish you good luck for the contest
    Here is my answer
    The association of Tata Motors with Lionel Messi is that of two greats. Lionel Messi has been exceptionally talented who with his hard work, determination and sacrifices has got better and tougher in his chosen sport so is the Image, reputation and quality of TATA Motors that have transformed brilliant ideas into masterpieces of engineering and created a brand and products that we are so proud of as Indians. Lionel Messi has transformed his body and the mind body co-ordination into a masterpiece of precision and excellence it would not be wrong to say that Lionel Messi is the TATA Motors of sports where as TATA Motors is the Lionel Messi of vehicles both giants in their own spheres driven by the drive to excel and lead by example. So Lionel Messi is the best choice for becoming the brand Ambassador for TATA Motors

  5. Inspiration,

    These are not mere words but a part of our soul. Not just the ones that we carry around in our individual bodies but that supreme soul that binds us all together in this universe. That is why we teach our children values and morals so that these little pockets of our souls do not die away. But when we look around at our modern day lifestyle and society,it leaves a lot to be desired, right? Wrong 🙂 I would say,as long as we have even 1 shred of humanity left,there is a ray of sunshine and that is what we see here.

    I am inspired by your story just as I am inspired by the stories of Tata Motors and Lionel Messi. As I said above about humanity and ray of sunshine, it is very few icons left in this world who make me feel that way. Both Tata and Messi definitely make it to this short list.

    When we talk about Tata Motors,we talk about the pride that every Indian feels because this is our truly global brand, a brand with a soul, with every product made to help us fly. This is a corporate behemoth that has not amassed its fortunes at the cost of the little man but by being a part of the very grassroots. The legacy of excellence and giving back to the society selflessly is so ingrained in Tata DNA that it has become part of folklore. Even today,in any Indian home, the moment a son/daughter gains employment in a Tata company, nobody talks about salary or CTC, they just thank their lucky stars that they are a part of Tata family. The very soul of India resides in Tata. Tata Motors has taken these very same values global, making Indians proud of what they represent. ‘Look,we represent excellence, with a dollop of old world values, with love and respect’ !

    When we look at Messi, we see a boy with dreams in his eyes and a man who has put everything he had in making them come true, and he did! With singleminded focus,dedication and hardwork, he has managed to outdo every obstacle he faced since his birth personally, healthwise and family financial situation wise. Every obstacle became just another step for him to grow and reach up the sky. And still, every time he walks out on the field, he plays with the same agility, alarcity and a a hunger to prove himself as if it is his first game! He hasn’t achieved his demi-God status without superhuman efforts.

    When these two demi-Gods of their respective fields come together, there are bound to be fireworks and that is exactly what it is! Purely from a corporate point of view, there are rare instances when we see such a perfect fit form. It can be called a divine sign that a symbol of vibrancy and dynamism like no other has taken shape with the partnership of Tata Motors and Lionel Messi. More than a mere advertising gambit,it is an amalgamation of those perhaps ‘lost’ values that the world needs more of,now more than ever. Maybe the Gods are finally happy!

    -Anushka Aggarwal

  6. Thinking of humanity is something that automatically makes me connect Tata Motors and Lionel Messi together. While we could go on and on about how they are respective bests in their industries, how Messi is the best footballer in the world and Tata Motors a global automatize behemoth, I think this partnership works because they both have a spark of humanity, which is difficult to find.

    Tata Motors obviously is a global giant and a symbol of pride for all Indians. Messi is an inspiration as he has moulded his personal struggle into a story of success all with his hardwork, their stories start at the grassroots level and reach the highest pinnacles which we want to achieve too. This is extraordinary partnership as it propels Tata Motors even more robustly on the global stage and Messi’s humility is perfectly complimented with Tata Motors’ brand of quiet elegance and excellence. It is the humanity, ethics and a thread of philanthropy at the very core of Tata and Messi’s life that makes this a perfect partnership. Watching a success story spiral upwards is easy, it is what that success translates into that is more important. Tata has a history of giving back unmatched by any other corporate entity and Messi’s work with UNICEF is just another way we see this global soccer superstar staying rooted. In this sense, the way both Tata Motors and Lionel Messi connect with the masses instantly, leaving behind the film of greed and selfishness that is evident everywhere else. While the world might not believe in fairy tales anymore, a plain old story of goodness winning in the end is never out of frame and that is what I see here!

    If you feel this is close enough to an excellent answer, do make me a winner! *Pretty please*

  7. Inspiration is the first word I think of when I am thinking of both Tata Motors (and Tata in general) and Lionel Messi. The story of how they both turned out to be legends is nothing short of a magical tale woven by someone as skilled as J K Rowling herself. While Tata stands for quality, promise (fulfilled), unmatched contribution to society and philanthropy that propels the society forward, Messi’s life is an inspiration just the way he has managed to overcome his health problems and used his family’s poor financial status as an impetus to conquer every obstacle, fulfill all his dreams and encourage many underprivileged people to fulfill theirs too with his philanthropy!

    I can see that the values and principles that inspire Tata Motors and Messi are spectacularly similar. It is not just that they are successful, it is how they reached there only with hard work and vision and yet managed to retain down-to-earth grounding plus humility, something many so called ‘legends’ lack! It is not just that they are symbols of prosperity and dreaming high, it is how they have a soul that gives them an aura of invincibility and a reason to the rest of us to try and achieve the same heights,without any compromises on our ethics or principles. No wonder I can only hear positive things about this partnership everywhere. It is just the kind of news we want to wake up to. Everything is fine when these two legacies come together or as someone said, ‘All Is Well’ 🙂

    I hope you like this comment! Fingers crossed 🙂 My email id is

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